Baby reindeer: Alleged 'Martha’ inspiration sues Netflix for £133m | UK News

Fiona Harvey has accused Netflix of ruining her life and telling her „horrific lies”. The streaming giant has said it plans to „vigorously” defend against the claims.

Fri 7 Jun 2024 03:25, UK

The woman who allegedly inspired the stalker in hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer is suing the streaming platform for $170m (£133m).

The show is said to be based on the real-life experiences of writer Richard Cott, who pretends to tackle stalker Martha Scott.

Fiona Harvey, 58, says she is Martha’s inspirationHe follows up on God after serving him a free cup of tea at the pub where he works.

In this case, Mrs. Harvey is accused Netflix Spreading „brutal lies”, including that he was „a two-time convict sentenced to five years in prison”.

„The defendants told these lies and never stopped because it was a better story than the truth, and better stories made money,” it said.

„As a result of the defendants’ lies, misconduct, and grossly reckless misconduct, Harvey’s life has been ruined.”

Image: Netflix/Everett/Shutterstock

According to legal documents filed in California federal court, she accused Netflix of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, gross negligence and infringement of publicity rights.

A Netflix spokesperson told Sky News: „We want to vigorously defend this matter and stand by Richard Cott’s right to tell his story.”

In an interview with journalist Piers Morgan last month, Ms Harvey said she was forced to come forward after receiving online death threats from „internet sleuths”.

Fiona Harvey has repeatedly denied being a stalker and described the series as a „work of fiction”.

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God had asked the fans Stop trying to find people Behind the scenes of the show, he told The Hollywood Reporter that he would have made it into a documentary if people wanted to be found.

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Sky News’ US partner network NBC News described the show’s claim that „it’s a true story” as „the biggest lie in television history”.

„Netflix destroyed a woman who, amid many accusations, claimed she was a convicted felon,” Ms. Harvey’s lawyer, Richard Roth, wrote in an email.

„It never contacted her. It never checked the facts. It made no effort to understand the truth of its 'true story’!”

The suit awarded actual damages and compensatory damages of $50m (£39m) each, punitive damages of $20m (£16m); As well as $50m (£39m) of „all profits” from Baby Reindeer.

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