Universe, a galactic journey to the heart of innovation as a delivery of added value

Securitas, a multinational corporation of Swedish origin, is breaking away from the traditional concept of a surveillance agency, devoting itself body and soul to making the world safer. It is backed by cutting-edge technology. -Artificial and emotional intelligence, among others- With an ambition to become a landmark in the B2B security services industry (Business to business) in a press conference he attended CIO Spain, the system provides society with the most important commitment to innovation: Universe. Disruptive in nature, futuristic overlays and boundless ambitions. The Universe company was born from an immersive digital transformation project as an ecosystem of immersive experiences. About A galactic journey in three passes Signature with it Taking customers to the heart of innovation with the sole purpose of helping solve security challenges It robs you of sleep.

Put it, what they think Transform the classic space of conversation into a limitless environment where the physical and virtual coexist in perfect harmony. In this way, in a world full of constant interruptions, they open new lines of dialogue through an immersive experience through which they demonstrate their capabilities to push the customer’s problem into the past, through technology. They invite them to see with their own eyes, listen to what they have to say, and work hand-in-hand, side-by-side, on a customized solution.. Together they innovate, collaborate and create an action plan that covers any security need.

The universe is not one showroom Classic is an organizational development tool that efficiently uses space to tell stories. It is an invitation to dialogue to build bonds; Through Universe, Securitas aims to create memories in the minds of its customers, with the hope and intention that they will turn to them again in case of any obstacle. They rely on their own method to grow together. Giovanna Rodríguez, president of Securitas Universe, and Carlos Ribate, director of the company’s transformation, talk about their role as masters of ceremonies.

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