UNICEF Chad Humanitarian Flash Update no. 8 (Refugees), 01 June 2023 – Sat


A humanitarian perspective: There are an estimated 100,000 refugees in Chad

  • As of May 30, UNHCR has determined more than 82,000 refugees (more than 22,000 are reservations). 65% of those booked are children. There are 362 children at risk and 279 vulnerable children.

  • As of May 19, IOM has registered 13,905 Chadian returnees (3,084 families). 62% were children and 79% were women and girls.

  • 27 entry points have been identified. Most of the refugees/returnees arrived in Ouaddai province.

A humane response

  • Led by CNARR (Commission Nationale d’Accueil de Réinsertion des Réfugiés) and UNHCR. From May 31, all sectoral working groups are meeting at the sub-national level. Intermediate meetings will take

  • On May 30, UNHCR relocated more than 9,000 refugees to five existing camps. UNHCR plans to complete most of the relocations by June 25, before the onset of the rainy season.

  • Thanks to the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), more than 47.5 tonnes of humanitarian goods were received by UNICEF on 31 May in response to the Sudanese refugee crisis. The material, including educational and recreational equipment, tarps and tents, will provide relief to Sudanese refugees, Chadian returnees and host communities in eastern Chad.

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