Türkiye-Somalia: Erdogan and Mohammad focus on economy and security in dialogue

President of Somalia Hasan Sheikh Mohammed R. met the Turkish President todayecep tayyip erdogan In Antalya, in the framework of the ongoing diplomatic forum. The Turkish president's office said the parties discussed topics including economic and security cooperation. The two governments concluded an agreement on February 8 aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation and bilateral strategic partnership, particularly in the areas of maritime security and blue economy.

Under an agreement signed by the respective defense ministers and recently approved by the Somali parliament, Turkey will provide training and equipment to the Somali navy, allowing Somalia to protect its marine resources and territorial seas from threats such as terrorism, piracy and „foreign interference”. The agreement will increase economic growth and trade relations between the two countries as Turkey will help. Prime Minister Hamsey Abdi Barre, who chaired the cabinet meeting that approved the agreement, hailed it as a „historic” achievement for the country and thanked Turkey for its unwavering support and friendship.

The agreement was welcomed by the Somali public and the international community, hailing it as a positive step towards peace and stability in the region. Somalia and Turkey have enjoyed close and cordial relations since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1960. Turkey is one of the largest donors and investors in Somalia and has contributed in various sectors such as health, education, infrastructure and humanitarian aid.

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