Trains, planes and automobiles bring fans around the world to see Simone Biles at the USA Gymnastics Championships

Australia-based gymnastics fans Courtney Wright and Zara Staines can’t travel more than 30 hours to see the gymnastics superstar. Simone Biles And the 2024 US Gymnastics Championships live in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The two began their more than 10,000-mile journey from Perth on Wednesday afternoon, first to Singapore, a five-and-a-half-hour flight, then to Los Angeles, adding another 15 hours in the air.

Weather delayed them there the next morning, making the planned two-and-a-half trip to Ft. Worth the „eight hour trial”.

Later, they were redirected at a rental car agency and forced to Uber to their hotel.

But the trip has been in the works for a long time.

„The journey really started when Simone came back last year and I went, 'This is it. We’ve got one more chance to see her compete in person.’ , only slept for three hours. „I texted Zara, because she’s always willing to go along with my crazy ideas, and said, 'Let’s go to the country next year.’

They booked their trip last September with dreams of seeing a certain gymnastics from Piles: „The Yurchenko double bike,” they both say.

Both Wright and Staines have followed Biles since his international debut in 2013.

„I’ve been following her since the beginning,” Wright said. „So, it’s really cool to see her in person today.”

Nothing—lateness or lack of sleep or stormy weather—could dampen the enthusiasm.

„We did it, and that’s all that matters,” Wright said.

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