Miley’s days in Silicon Valley surrounded by tech founders

President of Argentina, Javier MileyFinished in a week this Friday Silicon Valley (California) Few leaders have the luxury of arranging: meetings with leaders Apple, Google, Meta u OpenAI, With the aim of positioning Argentina as a leader in advanced technologies.

On Monday, Miley made his fourth trip to the United States, his seventh international trip since taking office in December 2023, to hold meetings with top tech executives and pitch his ideas. Economics and Innovation, Focuses on the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

The president, who has been criticized at home for social aid cuts and questioned about the official nature of foreign trips, ended his day after a meeting Thursday afternoon. Mark ZuckerbergFounder and CEO of Meta.

He met the president only three months ago Elon Musk At the Tesla Gigafactory facilities in Austin (Texas).

Having Milei at the center of global technological innovation for four days was an unusual situation from the start: Few leaders manage to meet the big heads of the world’s biggest technology companies in such a short space of time; Some take a „selfie” in the style of the leader of „La Libertad Avanza”.

Miley was admitted to Stanford University’s Hoover Institute for her excellence in: Lecture on Economic Principles His opinion demonstrates the danger of „21st century socialism” and how the hunger of Argentines, who are suffering the effects of their government’s adjustments, can be solved by the never-failing market.

He charged that it had „broken the innovation process” repositioning itself as an „anarcho-capitalism” that resonated with some members of the Silicon Valley elite in the belief that technology and ideas could save the world.

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Milei has its operational center at The Rosewood Sand Hill In Menlo Park, Menlo Park is one of the top luxury hotels in Menlo Park, with its impressive views, abundant plants, works of art, and is a favorite of executives from major tech companies.

hotel, Whose night is around 800 to 1,500 dollars (several salaries of an average Argentine), helped to obtain statistics such as Sam AltmanCEO of artificial intelligence company OpenAI.

Millay and the Argentinian delegation, which included Luis Caputo, Gerardo Werthein, Demian Riedel and Matt Travisano, had dinner Wednesday night to speak before members of the tech industry, including Greg Brockman, co-founder and president of OpenAI. , Alexander Wang, founder and president of Scale AI, or Apple’s vice president of AI, John Giannandrea.

„This dinner not only marked an important moment in the dialogue on deregulation and the economy, but also strengthened the ties between Argentina and the international technology community, opening new opportunities for future cooperation and developments”Manuel Atorni, the spokesman of the Argentine President, said through his WhatsApp channel.

For years, Argentina has been facing its worst economic crisis in decades, and according to official data in the first quarter of this year, economic activity in Argentina has been concentrated since Miley has been in power. A decline of 5.3%.

According to a study published by the Catholic University of Argentina, 57.4% of the country’s population lives in poverty.

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