Tory Bowie, the 2017 100m world champion, was 'pregnant’ when she died.

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    Tory Bowie, America’s last 100m world champion, has died at the age of 32., was confirmed this Wednesday by his agency, Icon Management. „We are devastated to share the very sad news of Tori Bowie’s passing. We have lost a client, a dear friend, a daughter and a sister. Tori was a champion..a beacon of light that shone so brightly! We are truly heartbroken for her family and friends. We are praying,” they wrote on Twitter.

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    Bowie has been one of the best American sprinters in recent years. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, she won silver in the 100 m and bronze in the 200 m behind Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Hera, and the US won gold in the 4×100 m relay.. A year later, it interrupted the dominance of the Caribbean He won the 100m at the 2017 World Cup in London, he also contributed to the American victory in the short relay. In the hectometre, he climbed to the third drawer of the podium at the previous World Cup, Beijing 2015.

    Apart from the 100 and 200m, where he added up to eight wins at the Diamond League events between 2014 and 2017, he also excelled in the long jump, in which he was on the brink of the podium at Doha 2019. A personal best of 6.91m in 2013. at speed, His best marks were 10.78 seconds in the 100m in 2016 (17th in history), and 21.77 in the 200m the following year (18th in history).In the 60m indoor track at Hayward Field in Eugene, which hosted the last world championships, she clocked an additional 7.11 seconds.

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    The causes of his death are unknown, however, the first to speak about him, before the official communication, was the singer Paul Askew, who wrote „depression is real” and suggested that his followers take care of the people they have. nearby

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    Bowie, who finished fifth in the 200 meters in Florida, has not competed since June 4 last year.It was her only participation this year after missing the Tokyo Olympics, and despite having 43,000 followers on Instagram, she hasn’t posted anything on her social networks for years.

    Tory Bowie was „seven” months pregnant

    According to British media Daily MailTori Bowie was very pregnant. „I was seven or eight months pregnant,” recounted some of her neighbors. Additionally, the diary details the young athlete’s long history of erratic and problematic behavior. „She threw eggs in the street, screamed at night and once grabbed a knife and screamed at her boyfriend,” neighbors revealed to the media.

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