Together, Singapore and Hong Kong can become 'shining cities’, fill 'special niches’: Manpower Minister Tan Chee Leng

Singapore And Hong Kong According to Dan See Leng, they can use their unique strengths to attract new talent and „work closely together rather than compete” for new faces.

The city-state’s manpower minister said the characterization that the two financial hubs are competing with each other for global talent does not „necessarily match” but sees „intrinsic advantages” and unique „special importance” for each.

„I think we can both be cities that really shine … we work closer together than we compete,” he said, adding that Hong Kong’s strength lies in that. Greater Bay Area, which is widely seen as China’s most attractive investment destination. While many countries are making plans to attract new talent, Tan said: “Growth is not a zero-sum game. In fact, healthy competition makes us stronger and creates more vibrant and dynamic cities.

Hong Kong is a prime location to encourage talent development

Tan Chee Leng, Minister of Manpower, Singapore
Dan addressed Hong Kong-ASEAN Summit 2023, which focuses on trade and investment issues between the city and Southeast Asian countries. Participants included business leaders, policy makers and entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, mainland China and the wider region.

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu and Malaysia’s Deputy Minister for Investment Trade and Industry Liew Chin Tong were other keynote speakers at the summit.

Tan’s keynote address on harnessing talent comes at a time when competition for the best workers in key industries is intensifying, and both Singapore and Hong Kong have demonstrated similar actions. Visa programs Meet global talent.

Singapore offers a special visa to top talent who earn more than USD 250,000

But the Singaporean minister went to great lengths to emphasize that the two financial centers have different strengths.

„Hong Kong is in a prime position to encourage talent development, with its strong links to the Chinese mainland and its central location in the Greater Bay Area, which has a GDP of around US$2 trillion. Likewise, Singapore will be a springboard for talent development in Southeast Asia,” Tan said. said in his opening remarks.

Hong Kong’s „aspirations” for cities like Macau, Shenzhen and Guangzhou — all part of Beijing’s ambitious Greater Bay Area plan to create a thriving global technology and economic hub around the Pearl River Delta — will help attract global talent, Tan said.

Responding to what the cooperation between the two cities will look like, Tan said Hong Kong and Singapore have „many opportunities to exchange in terms of trade” and are currently working to understand the frameworks for cooperation and how each other works.

A screen shows a map of the Greater Bay Area during the 2019 Symposium on the Interconnectivity Project. Photo: AP Photo
„At the civil-service level, there are regular exchanges between civil servants from Hong Kong, as well as our public service arm,” he said, adding that the chief executive has hosted Lee three times in the past year alone. He also mentioned about the opening Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong In 2017 the private healthcare group was headed by IHH Healthcare.
Tan emphasized transparency in city government The latest cry is for more competition For jobs between locals and foreigners. “We are open. We are open and we very much welcome global talent to come to Singapore.

He said it was important for selection processes for foreign talent to be „transparent, predictable and clear”, adding that there were structures in place to assess how well these foreign workers could complement the local workforce.

Singapore’s global talent pitch boosts local anger amid cost-of-living woes

In addition, the Singapore government is investing „significantly” in its local workforce, he said, providing training opportunities and programs to help career transitions.

„Putting all these together” will ensure a „long-term, stable, predictable future,” Tan said. [for] Our Local Talents” to complement foreign expertise and bring added value to the workforce of the city state.

He concluded his opening remarks with a few words in Cantonese. „I am confident that Singapore and Hong Kong will maintain our interconnectedness and work together to bring Asia to new heights.”

The Hong Kong-ASEAN Summit 2023 is organized by the South China Morning Post in association with the Hong Kong-ASEAN Foundation and our Hong Kong Foundation.

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