Tiled Tokyo toilets are bathed in bright green and yellow light

Local studio I IN has renovated two restrooms in a Tokyo shopping center, using lighting that „proposes new colors for the sexes” to create vivid interiors.

An interior design studio completely renovated two toilets located on the restaurant floor of Shin-Marunuchi, a shopping center in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

It started by giving a clean feel by wrapping both washrooms in white tiles, which would also serve as a seamless backdrop for the colored lights.

Bathrooms are marked with bright green and yellow light

„We used Tenon’s mosaic tile, made in the Tajimi area, which is famous for tile production in Japan, and has a special non-slip treatment on the surface.” I am IN told Dezeen.

„We wrapped the space with tiles to convey a sense of cleanliness; we think public restrooms should provide a sense of cleanliness so that this entire space can be easily cleaned,” continued the studio.

„Our aim was also to create a continuous floor, wall and ceiling using one material so that people can experience entering an unreal space.”

Yellow bathroom interior
A stainless-steel sink with white tiles inside

The all-white interior is then enhanced by hidden light fixtures, which make the women’s bathroom entirely yellow, while the men’s bathroom is all green.

„The main aim is to propose new colors for the sexes,” said the studio.

„Universal toilet signage is usually red and blue – we wanted to tie them together. In the rainbow of colors that define diversity, yellow and green are right next to each other.”

Interior of a green bathroom in Tokyo I IN
The bathrooms are located in the Shin-Marunuchi Building

Colors of toilets can be changed for seasonal events, otherwise yellow and green.

The studio has designed sinks specifically for toilets, where almost all functions are hidden, helping to create elegant spaces with a futuristic feel.

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“We used silver metal – stainless steel – to create original sink designs for the ladies’ and men’s rooms,” I said.

„Here, you don’t find the usual appliances like faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers; these are designed into the counters, but you can easily find and use them,” it added.

„Because outdoor is all about new toilet experiences, we designed a new experience for washing hands as well.”

Green toilet exterior at Chioda Tokyo
The spaces are designed to be „extraordinary”.

I worked with an architecture and engineering studio Mitsubishi Jisho design On design.

The studio believes that the toilets will create a memorable experience for the audience.

„The sensation of being saturated by the color of light transforms all elements of the restroom experience into something extraordinary, leaving a powerful lasting impression on the viewer,” the studio concluded.

I IN was longlisted for Emerging Interior Design Studio of the Year at the Dezeen Awards 2022, and has transformed a 1980s apartment in Tokyo to give it a stripped-down, luxury feel.

Cinematography by Tomuki Kengaku.

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