Through technology they will strengthen the agricultural sector in Basto

The University of Nariño, Acrozavia and the Government of Mexico hosted an important meeting focusing on the innovation of the systems.

An important meeting was held on the innovation of agro-food systems through the use of technology, a joint initiative of the University of Narino, Agrozavia and the Government of Mexico.

The event brought together professionals and experts from the field of agriculture and environment whose main objective was to improve agricultural processes through strategic use of technological resources.

Hernán Modesto Rivas, director of the Department of Social Communication at the University of Nariño, highlighted the importance of the meeting. „We seek to make a positive impact on all professionals dedicated to the agricultural and environmental sector.”


This approach to improving agri-food processes aims not only to increase efficiency and productivity in the field, but also to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

One of the key areas discussed during the event was the implementation of technological means and resources to effectively connect with rural communities. This linkage seeks to integrate traditional fieldwork with the most recent scientific and technological advances, thereby creating a positive impact on the quality of life of farmers and the sustainability of agri-food systems.


Constanza Molano, a planning expert at Agrosavia, highlighted the relevance of using tools such as social network analysis to improve innovation processes in the agricultural sector with the Environmental Center.

This type of analysis allows the identification of patterns, trends and opportunities in information networks, facilitating informed and strategic decision-making.

During the training day, fundamental topics such as the basic concepts of network analysis and its practical application in the agri-food context were addressed. In addition, an in-depth analysis of specific indicators was carried out that allowed to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the technical strategies implemented in the field.

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