Three men have been arrested at a Valencia industrial estate for selling fake tech products from popular brands

Agents of the National Police of Benidorm have arrested three people in the Valencian city of Manises, in four shops in an industrial park, for selling a large quantity of counterfeit mobile phone products. Well known brands.

The operation was initiated after a complaint by a representative of a dedicated company, the headquarters said in a statement. Protection of industrial and intellectual property rights Avoid any violation by making and falsifying products of various brands, without license and inform the authorities.

In his complaint, he told agents that he found several industrial warehouses located in Manises. Fake mobile phone and tech products.

With this in mind, national police officers assigned to Group 5 of the Benidorm Judicial Police Brigade launched an investigation with the aim of verifying the facts, for which they requested a patent report from the European Union Intellectual Property Office, whose headquarters are in Alicante. If the products sold in those companies are fake.

Picture of two of the agents during the interrogation


Upon receiving the reply from the said European organization, it was stated that the examined products already have patent and trademark rights and therefore, those marketing them. Offense against industrial propertyAgents began the exploitation phase of the investigation.

In this sense, the troops carried out an operation consisting of four raids on businesses in the 'La Goa’ industrial park in Manises, in which, after a thorough inspection, they A total of 4,321 items were seized Mobile phones from four well-known brands.

Three arrested

After that, the owners of the four companies, three men between the ages of 33 and 43, two of them Chinese and the third Brazilian, were arrested by agents of the National Police for crimes against industrial property.

All proceedings and proceedings undertaken were brought to the attention of the trial court acting as guardian of the Cuarte de Poblet.

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