Pixis turns off Google Pixel’s alarms

The band shared the article on Twitter and apologized
Picture: Ethan Miller (Good pictures)

In 1988, the Pixies released the song that catapulted them into a category where only a small number of bands exist. There was that song Where is my mind?And its mythical beginnings led to it They wouldn’t have thought.

Obviously, and according to an article Android Police, the song inadvertently sets off Google alarms on Pixel phones. In fact, the band themselves shared the article on Twitter, apologizing for it:

What does Google Alarms have to do with singing?

Apparently, the bug-inducing feature was added to Google devices a few years ago and brought to their phones in 2021 with the launch of the Pixel 6. Users just need to say „Stop” or „Sleep”. And alarms respond the same way. EThis feature doesn’t work when music is playing in the background, especially since Google wanted to avoid such a situation where alarms would play automatically. However, here comes the „fun” part of the matter, the isolated and spoken „stop” at the beginning of the Pixies theme that acts like the user.

This was commented by a user named Reddit u/asevarte. „The first line of the song is 'Ooohhh STOP’ and the word 'stop’ is spelled out very clearly”, explains the user. „My Pixel says “Stop” and turn off the alarm. Since this is a random playlist, it only appears once in a while, so it doesn’t happen every morning. Glad the feature worked…”. BPioneer Others joined in confirming their discovery.. Interestingly, from Android Police They tried half a dozen Tracks that include „stop” in the lyrics and none activate the alarm function.

Perhaps, as they explain in the middle, it’s because the „stop” of the Pixies’ theme comes before the music actually starts playing. Instead, Google’s Quick Phrases feature appears to ignore the command when it’s backed by sentences or voices, even if the music fades in as the phrase is spoken. At Gizmodo, we reached out to Google if they had anything to add, but we have not heard back at the time of writing this article.

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