This Is The (Ultra) Fast Fat Loss Treatment That’s Taking Hollywood By storm

It is inevitable. New study, new objectives. September returns and with it a long list of objectives. Among them, one reoccurs: getting back in shape after a summer of excesses. It’s time to get rid of those unsightly fat deposits we’ve accumulated over the holidays.

But if we want to achieve good results once and for all, and in record time, we must resort to more advanced proven treatments. That’s how they do it Influencers Like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Beyonce or the Kardashian sisters. The world of fashion and beauty started with all the glamor and glamor surrounding it. Photo calls Red carpets and more Cold of the planet.

After the excesses done during the holidays, tax recovery is a priority objective for many


mountains trends Hollywood is about to create a shadow model with the latest technological advancements. One hour session is enough to achieve, in addition to the desired figure, reduce cellulite and reduce flaccidity. This system beauty It is performed using a high precision surgical technique; It allows you to sculpt the body without traumatic incisions, stitches, scars and post-operative discomfort.

The procedures are usually performed under local anesthesia and do not require hospitalization. As a general rule, you can lead a normal life the day after the intervention. The effect is amazing, you should see how social networks are on fire every time people who tried the treatment show their impressive body changes.

’Hi-tech’ tuning

If you want to get in shape in an (ultra) fast and safe way, you will be interested to know this treatment. top It is not only successful in America but also practiced in other most advanced countries of the world. Here it is done by group Body remodeling unit Hospital Clinica Diagonal in Barcelona (tel. 937 434 900).

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Before and after photos of treatments carried out with the latest technological advances

Before and after photos of treatments carried out with the latest technological advances


Before carrying out the treatment, it is necessary to carry out a diagnostic visit to rule out any contraindications, to know the details of the procedure, its alternatives, possible discomfort and complications and what can be achieved.

Body sculpting using technology, the most popular on the planet, costs an average of €3,500 and ranges from a minimum of €2,500 to a maximum of €4,500. The amount varies depending on the complexity of the case, the number of areas to be treated and the amount of fat to be extracted.

Now, the best thing is to kill fat
’At the speed of technology’

No scalpel! The latest advances are used during treatment. This aesthetic transformation procedure consists of bombarding fat deposits with energy generated by a technologically advanced device. The energy passes through the skin without damaging it and reaches the adipose tissue, destroying the fat and causing the skin to contract (effect Lifting) can reduce dullness.

Then, through a millimeter incision that does not require stitches, a modern device is introduced into the treated area. This is Gadget The doctor extracts dissolved fat from the body through the action of energy.

The most advanced proven technologies are used during procedures

The most advanced proven technologies are used during procedures


Finally, in the fat extraction areas, a specific massage is carried out with a motorized roller that works by regulating the surface of the skin, making it firm and smooth.

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