How many of these famous tequilas do you know?

Before whiskey, mezcal and sodol, it was seen by various celebrities around the world. Tequila Not exactly to pick it up, but to put his name on more and more labels in the industry.

From models, actors and singers, here we tell you about celebrities who have launched their own brand.

Kendall Jenner – 818

Photos: 818 Tequila

In 2021 Kendall JennerOne of the highest paid models in the industry and a member of one of the most famous families in the world 818 TequilaA brand won the award as its older expression Best Reposado Tequila at the World Tequila Awards.

Shortly after, it was named one of the best tequilas owned by celebrities, and to this day Jenner hasn’t stopped, in fact she started last year. Balance of eightUltra-premium Añejo bottled in an artisan decanter made in Pachuca.

Dwayne Johnson – Theremana

Tequila celebrities
Photos: Teramana

Distilled in Teremana de Agave, this tequila owned by the company 'La Roca’ is made with a traditional production process in the middle of the highest peaks of the Altos de Jalisco mountains.

Teramana combines the word 'Tere’ which means earth and 'Mana’ which is derived from spirit. The brand has three labels: White, Rest and Añejo Like Kendall Jenner, these are award-winning tequilas.

Diego Bonetta – Front

Among Mexican celebrities, Diego Bonetta was the one who introduced this tequila together. Fire House And it’s a white tequila that doesn’t require filtration or additives, it’s 100% pure agave produced in Los Altos de Jalisco, 100% sustainable in its distillery’s facilities and combines cutting-edge technology with the industry’s most traditional artisanal processes.

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On the nose, fruity aromas, cooked agave, lemon tea and honey are felt. Its characteristic flavor and smoothness provide the perfect balance between minerals and herbs, distilling a delicious white tequila.

Michael Jordan – Cincoro

Tequila celebrities
Photos: Facebook – Cincoro

All the businesses owned by the NBA star include his own tequila: fiveA luxury distillate made with agave plants at least seven years old from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

There are four categories in Syncro Market: One white, one 8 to 10 months rest, one age 24 to 28 months and one additional age.

Eiza González – Blue House

Tequila celebrities
Photos: Blue House

The Mexican actress is the part Blue houseDistillation Tequila AmericaOwned and operated by the Montes family, third generation agave growers turned distillers.

To achieve perfection, Casa Azul selects the highest quality agaves and cares for them by hand, avoiding the use of additives and chemicals during the process. USDA certified 100% organic title.

The agave plants are grown on a farm near the distillery, where the dark, mineral-rich volcanic soil of the lowlands thrives. Labels include Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.

Nick Jonas – Villa One

Tequila celebrities
Photos: Villa One

A member of the Jonas Brothers is another celebrity, along with them John Varvatos He entered this world with a tequila sourced from 100% blue Weber agave from the Tierras Altas and Tierras Bajas regions of Jalisco, Mexico.

A villa Created by him Master Distiller Arturo FuentesThe „godfather of tequila” has three decades of experience crafting the finest cognacs, French champagne and, of course, barrel-aged tequilas.

AC/DC – Thunder strikes

The popular rock band is recognized for creating beer, wine, whiskey and tequila in its different varieties: white, reposado and añejo, all under the Thunderstruck name. It’s an homage to his iconic 1990 single. His agave distillation stands out for delivering an intense flavor with hints of sweetness and fruitiness.

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