Many Hispanics rely on artificial intelligence every day to improve their health

Celebrated every February in the United States, 84% of Hispanics say medical control technologies in their electronic devices help their physical and mental health, according to a new national survey conducted by the Cleveland Clinic.

„It was very satisfying to realize that many Hispanics are already taking advantage of the benefits of medical technology. Familiarizing yourself with it from the beginning will give you a learning advantage when faced with the expected increase and sophistication of new applications in AI. [Inteligencia Artificial]”said Ricardo Hernandez, MD cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic, Florida.

The healthcare sector is among the top nine industries using AI, primarily in healthcare and clinical testing and diagnostics.

Among the study’s findings, 84% of a sample of Hispanics who saw positive changes in their health with AI, a median (56%) use tracking technology, and a majority (61%) count the steps they take. Dan, another average (52%) measures their heart rate regularly and half (43%) track their calorie intake.

The survey reveals that a quarter (29%) of Hispanics who use health apps feel more relaxed about their health and fitness and another quarter (27%) are more aware of the need to take time to de-stress and relax. . An average (55%) have started exercising more often, a third (34%) are now paying more attention to getting enough sleep, and a third (33%) are improving their eating habits.

New health technologies are here to stay, and another great benefit of them is that they reach underserved groups and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in quality of care.

„Although it is exciting to think about the possibility of AI helping in healthcare, it is important to remember that the clinical judgment of a trained healthcare professional cannot be replaced by any technology, because the expert has detailed knowledge about the patient. The environment, his psychology and even his culture,” said Dr. Ricardo Hernández. .

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The survey was conducted as part of the Cleveland Clinic Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute’s „Love Your Heart” consumer education campaign in celebration of American Heart Month in February. Cleveland Clinic has been the nation’s number one hospital for heart surgery and cardiology for 29 consecutive years. US News & World Report.

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The online survey was conducted among 1,000 Americans in the general population aged 18 and older. Respondents were nationally representative in terms of age, sex, region, education, household income, race/ethnicity, and urban/rural residence. African Americans and Hispanics were each oversampled to achieve a total N=250. The online survey was conducted by Savanta and was completed between November 10 and 21, 2023. The margin of error for the entire sample at the 95% confidence level is +/- 3 percentage points.

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