The 2024/25 Premier League season officially kicks off today!

The 2024/25 season has officially begun!

The Premier League’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been moved from the 2023/24 to the 2024/25 campaign.

Following their respective promotions from the EFL Championship, Leicester City, Ipswich Town and Southampton can now officially say they are part of the Premier League.

What happened?

The three relegated clubs – Burnley, Luton Town and Sheffield United – have returned the share certificates that gave them Premier League status and the Premier League board has confirmed the cancellation of these shares.

A new share certificate was signed for each promoted club by the Premier League directors and company secretary. As per company law, all three clubs are entered in the share register.

As a result, all three promoted clubs were confirmed as members of the Premier League, with the league formally welcoming them and issuing them with statutory share certificates.

The table updates

The Premier League table has been reset, with 20 clubs listed alphabetically, while the Premier League’s social media accounts now follow the three clubs promoted.

All 20 clubs can now look forward to Tuesday 18 June at 09:00 BST when they will discover their kits for the 2024/25 season.

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