This is his weirdest Superman costume choice

Jamie Dornan is one of the candidates competing with Henry Cavill to wear the Superman cape in 'The Man of Steel’.Zack Snyder’s 2013 film about the legendary DC superhero.

In a recent interview with the podcast ’Happiness Sadness ConfusionThe actor commented on his audition and revealed his specific plan as he takes his „first step” into the skin of the character.

The protagonist of 'Fifty Shades’ admits that he is not a regular in the selection processes for films of this genre. However, when the opportunity came, he donned his own Superman costume. The only problem is…it doesn’t quite fit.

Warner Bros.

The only Superman I ever auditioned for wasDornan commented. „A long time ago, when Henry Cavill was elected. That That was probably 12 years ago or something like that. I brought my own will last there,” continued the explanation to the interpreter.

Could it be a bug? Those are Superman pajamas, not an actual costume. I remember the initial audition for it. I couldn’t even put on a suit [de verdad]…”

„I’ve had meetings with other studio heads who do those things, and they’ve talked about it, but I have never explored any audit process for them,Dornan concluded.

Are his Superman pajamas the reason he didn’t advance in the casting? We will never know. It’s clear that Jamie Dornan entered the DC universe in a big and very comfortable way at his first audition.

Jamie Dornan

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Recently, Jamie Dornan talked about the start of his career and admitted that Robert Pattinson was jealous of him when he shared a flat with Andrew Garfield, Charlie Cox and Eddie Redmayne. Yes, as you can hear, the four actors (who are now well-known) lived together before they rose to fame.

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A confession came out of talking to him Wired, talks about his latest premiere, 'Agent Stone.’ „There was probably a time when I was very jealous of him.Like when we were all friends in London Rob was going places where we weren’t accepted.„, the interpreter admitted, recalling the time when Pattinson had already begun to enjoy international recognition for his portrayal of Edward Cullen in the 'Twilight’ saga.

However, the actor also recognized the opportunity Pattinson’s success represented for his (then „anonymous”) roommates. „He was the one who brought us in.Confident. „He got our attention.”

’Agent Stone’ is available for playback Streaming In the Netflix movie catalog.

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