Healthcare AI Technology | Obesity, database editing and 'digital biology'

Johnson & Johnson's acquisition of cancer company Ambrx, or Merck's acquisition of Harpoon Therapeutics, or GSK's over $1 billion payment for start-up Ailos Bio could not stop it. The global investment elite Health gathered at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2024 in San Francisco in January, and the slowdown in venture capital investment will continue into the first half of the year, according to a final report from venture capital consultancy Pitchbook.

said Kimberly Powell, vice president of healthcare at Nvidia The dawn of the „digital biology” era. His company was highly praised at an event dedicated to the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI). Following DeepMind's subsidiary Isomorphic Labs' deals with Eli Lilly and Novartis, Civilization Ventures' Shahram Seydin-Noor predicts that Google will become one of the world's top five biopharmaceutical companies.

Los Expectations of AI in Healthcare They seem more Reliable A star, in other versions, is less luminous today than when it was placed in the genetic sequence. Verve Therapeutics believes the next whitebird is base editing, the successor to CRISPR, which is considered a molecular surgery method.

In any case, you should Send the avalanche of AI through the sieve Market reality. Pitchbook analysts believe drug development will be faster, but not cheaper, especially because of the cost associated with software development and computing power.

The The Mayo Clinic drew a lot of attention At the AI ​​chapter of the JP Morgan Healthcare conference, Cerebras is developing an LLM (extensive language model used in applications like ChatGBT) genome, partnering with K Health to monitor the heart, investing in remote diabetes monitoring company UpDoc.

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The The fight against obesity is the event of the year, with the appearance of AI is the only one capable of combating the spread. Eli Lilly and Danish Novo Nordisk (which is already the largest European company by market capitalization) warned that the second of them could not guarantee supply through the pharmaceutical agency in Spain. In San Francisco, the reaction movements of the GLP 1 boom (the hormone that these drugs induce) were confirmed: Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Danish Zeland Pharma and Merck already have similar drugs in development. Other companies such as Levels, NutriSense, Cygnos and Very are taking parallel paths to expand the glucose monitoring market to non-diabetics.

Regarding emerging actors, Amazon Initiated health conditions programs for companies, and Uber Health y is socially determined They will assist in the transportation and distribution of prescriptions to at-risk patients.

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