They will train police officers on complaint handling and technology

Reception of complaints, criminal investigation and technical aspects. These are the three axes of the training agreement signed today Wednesday by the Ministry of Defense of Buenos Aires with the Office of the Attorney General.

Attorney General Julio Conte-Grand and Defense Minister Javier Alonso The agreement was signed to establish a link in training between the parties with a view to training agents of the Ministry of Defence.

The parties are working together to make available a training program taught by public ministry experts. In this sense, additional resources, logistics and infrastructure that it may ultimately request will be provided by the Ministry of Defence.

„The signing of the agreement represents a significant step forward to continue strengthening the capabilities of both parties and, through continuous improvement, to achieve their common objectives in terms of security and criminal policy and investigation,” the Attorney General's Office observed.

In particular, it should be noted that the move is in line with the technological integration with the „My Security” application, digitization of criminal complaints and police procedural minutes, implementation of the „Digital Police Brief” and other actions. It is carried out within the framework of e-Government policy jointly promoted by the parties

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