Five technologies that increase sustainability

For 2024, one of the commitments highlighted by the region's CEOs is to accelerate actions related to sustainability. As mentioned above in the most recent Pwc survey, '27th Annual Global CEO SurveyOut of which 59% of executives consulted Latin America Ensure that its companies work to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint.

Under this panorama, companies have started using technology to achieve their objectives on medium and long-term basis. truly, Technology companies such as Noventiq, which focus on digital solutions, highlighted five technologies that will be key to taking care of the environment in the coming years..

According to the company, the first tool is the Internet of Things (IoT), as it will allow real-time monitoring of consumption and emissions. One of the standout features with this technology is a “More efficient resource and energy management”.

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The second technology is 5G and it will contribute to fast and effective information exchange between IoT devices and environmental sensors. This will ultimately reduce energy costs.

A third tool that stands out Novendic is Artificial intelligence Thanks to its competitive advantages, this technology enables companies to achieve more efficient production, efficient consumption patterns and identify sustainable solutions in various industries.


„Various industry sectors are recognizing the urgent need to adopt more sustainable practices. Companies are actively seeking technologies that allow them to mitigate their environmental impact. This change in focus not only responds to a growing social demand, but also to the ethical and economic responsibility of guaranteeing long-term sustainability,” explained Jose Castro, manager of Noventic Colombia.

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The fourth technology highlighted by the company is blockchain, as it guarantees transparency and traceability in supply chains. This allows us to ensure ethical and sustainable practices. According to experts, this tool will facilitate real-time monitoring of energy generation and distribution.

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Finally, cloud computing stands out as a technology that allows data centers to reduce their environmental impact. Likewise, it helps reduce energy consumption and use of body resources.

Adopting sustainable technologies not only benefits the environment but also brings significant benefits to users and organizations. From reducing operating costs and accessing new market opportunities to improving corporate image, the benefits are multifaceted.” Castro pointed out.


Green Help

Now, because progress has been made New technologies These may contribute to taking care of the environment, so companies should adopt the one that best suits their needs.

The path looks promising. Collaboration between technological innovation and environmental awareness will continue to be a key factor in reducing the carbon footprint. In the coming years, technology, hand in hand with sustainability, is expected to lead to a greener and more resilient future for the planet.” said Jose Castro.

Johanna Lordui
Portfolio Journalist

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