They are looking for 100 companies that want free training in data science and web programming


The Latin American Academy of Technology Edtech Henry announced that The Henry Projects project is looking for about 100 companies, SMEs and startups in Medellin that need volunteers specialized in data science and web programming for a month.To support them in the development of different specific technology projects, at no cost.

Martín Borchardt is the founder and CEO of EdTech, and explained that the Academy’s volunteers. They can undertake tasks related to digitization of information and its management.; Create customer interaction platforms between mobile apps and web pages.

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Besides, Collaborate in other areas such as creating dashboards, an information management tool that visually monitors, analyzes and displays KPIs for business follow-up. Additionally, They can analyze and model data to create intelligent and automated solutions through machine learning.Process improvement and decision making in organizations.

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“In practice, these individuals can read, edit, delete, and add information to different web and mobile applications that organizations manage; Create interfaces for your websites from scratch with features that directly impact users and improve their experience, create high-impact interactive and personalized reports to improve decision-making, and design and implement data architectures in the cloud, is ideal for any size organization. Finally, they can build machine learning models to implement data science tools for research processes,” said Borchardt.

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People are paired to volunteer in technology for a month under the planning and supervision of each organization and accompanied by an EdTech mentor. After the four weeks are up, the company can decide whether or not to hire Henry’s academy graduate. Or if it gives you a certificate attesting to your performance in the development of a successfully completed project.

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How to apply for support?

1- should be Fill the following form: The information will then be verified by the Henry Education and Placement Committee.

2- Be aware of an email confirming whether their application has been accepted or not. The same message will tell them what next steps are required from the Academy to support them in the project they need to develop.

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According to the Colombian Chamber of Informatics and Telecommunications, there is a talent shortage of more than 60% in technology (IT).Every day more and more companies in the city and from various economic sectors and industries are demanding more of these types of professionals, especially if one takes into account that people with knowledge in web development and data science, an alarming number.

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