Quirónsalud offers state-of-the-art hygiene technology to deal with accidents at the bullfighting hospital during bullfighting fairs – Albacete News

Quirónsalud Albacete provides the Albacete Bullring Hospital with state-of-the-art medical-surgical health technology to take better care of bullfighters and bullfighters who may suffer certain types of accidents during bullfighting events held in the bullring during the month of September. It is a selfless collaboration to increase safety and better care for injured right-handers. This was stated by Albacete Bullring Chief Surgeon Dr Gonzalez Masekosa, who said the bullfighting venue was in good condition but unsuitable.

„This is a hospital that is not used more than a dozen times a year, so we consider it appropriate to request the support of the Quirónsalud team to achieve better conditions in our work and greater protection for the injured for maximum renewal and better care. We received an immediate positive response, in fair days the most sophisticated medical-surgical technology We publicly thank you for the contribution, which ensures that we have these mechanisms that provide us with truly luxurious nursing. First, they provide us with state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment that replaces our low-level equipment that has problems with limited use over the years. State-of-the-art electric scalpels and the supplies we need for vascular injuries. They also provide us with very comfortable hemostatic sheets.Quirónsalud technicians in Albacete install, review and fine-tune all the necessary devices we use during fair days. For example, the anesthesia equipment they give us is used for any type of surgery in Cronzalud, from heart, liver, pancreas and other types of surgery. For all these reasons, we would like to thank the administration of Quirónsalud for this completely selfless and important support. With this support, I want to emphasize that Albacete Bullring Hospital has nothing to envy for the best operating room in a large hospital,” said Dr. González Masekosa, Chief Surgeon of Albacete Bullring Hospital.

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