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However, there is an important challenge that these companies also face FundraisingA process that requires special attention and leverage in technology to provide a safe and quality service, commented Jose Santos, digital financial solutions company at Cobis Topaz. The Stefanini group.

“On Acceptance of the New technologies„Some financial institutions are ahead of others, the banking sector is running, but microfinance institutions are lagging behind in this integration,” he pointed out.

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According to the expert, savings banks and financial institutions have made a big leap Digital transformation In recent years. However, if they want to make more use of inclusion mechanisms, they need to continue this process, he suggests.

In this context, Santos lists three investments in technology that microfinance institutions will prioritize for 2024.

The first strong bet is for solutions Internet security, Onboarding (or integration) through digital channels and protecting its customers from potential fraud in the transaction process, he commented.

„It’s a safety process, we monitor every device people use and mips to reduce risks and identify dangerous movements,” he adds.

Another concept they’re investing in is „higher personalization,” He said, this is a great trend in the region as well.

They seek to create customized products based on each user so that they feel more identified with their financial institution’s offering, so that they don’t just have the best. Customer experience Instead they get a different service, he adds.

The third axis is related to „Conversation Bank”, That is, the applications provided Microfinance They have the ability to talk to customers, he notes.

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„A more fluid, efficient interaction with a better customer experience will generate more business,” he noted.

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