The US is ahead of the G20 summit

India hosts the annual G20 summit in New Delhi on September 9 and 10.


A top US official said China will have to decide what role it will play at the G20 summit in New Delhi.

US National Security Adviser Sullivan was responding to a question on the impact of India-China border tensions on the G20 summit at a White House press conference on Tuesday.

„The question of tensions between India and China affecting the (G20) summit – really that depends on China. If China wants to come in and play a spoiler role, of course, that option is available to them,” he said. said.

„I think India, the president, will encourage them to do what we, the United States and every other member, almost every other member of the G20 will do, and that will encourage them to come to climate in a constructive way. Multilateral development, banking reform, debt relief, technology and geopolitics. „We need to put the questions aside and really focus on solving the problem and delivering to the developing world,” said Mr Sullivan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping will not attend this week’s G20 summit in New Delhi and the delegation will be led by Premier Li Keqiang, China’s foreign ministry announced on Monday, signaling Beijing’s readiness to work with all parties to produce a high-level meeting. success

At the invitation of the Indian government, Premier Li will attend the 18th G20 Summit in New Delhi, India on September 9 and 10, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said in a brief statement.

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India hosts the annual G20 summit in New Delhi on September 9 and 10.

At the G-20 summit, Mr Sullivan said President Joe Biden would make it clear that America was looking for real progress.

„He will be clear that all G20 members, without exception, must be creative and at the table. From climate to health to digital technology, we will move forward on other key priorities, including commitments. A responsible path and approach to inclusive digital transformation and AI development,” he noted.

„Additionally, we’ll be highlighting the progress we’re making on what’s called the Partnership for Global Infrastructure Investment, or PGI. We’ll be making some announcements that we’re excited about. Now, we know that. We’ll continue to focus on how the G20 is dealing with Russia’s illegal and ongoing war in Ukraine. should,” he said.

Mr Sullivan said Russia’s illegal war had devastating social and economic consequences, and the reality was that the poorest countries on the planet were bearing the brunt.

As he had done earlier, international law, the U.N. „President Biden will call for a just and lasting peace founded on the principles of the Charter, territorial integrity and the dictates of sovereignty,” he said.

Mr Sullivan said Biden would continue to insist that the US would support Ukraine to restore these policies.

„Last but not least, and this is important, you will see that the United States will make it clear that we are committed to the G20 as an important forum for all the world’s major economies to come together for a global problem – solving,” he told reporters.

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At a time when the international economy has been hit by historic and overlapping shocks, it is more important than ever to have a forum that works with the world’s largest economies to deliver meaningful outcomes, Mr Sullivan said.

„So, as a sign of that commitment, the United States is looking forward to hosting the G20 in 2026,” he said.

Meanwhile, a prominent US expert on Tuesday said Xi’s decision to skip the G20 summit in New Delhi points to the complicated state of India-China relations.

Daniel Russell, Asia Society’s vice president for international security and diplomacy, said Xi recently traveled to South Africa to attend the BRICS summit in person.

„So his decision to skip the G-20 this week in New Delhi is important,” Russell said.

„Tensions between Delhi and Beijing and the apparent animosity between the two leaders seem to be a possible explanation – but we don’t know. Xi Jinping’s failure to provide even an alibi appears to deceive Modi – which points to strained PRC-India relations,” he said.

He added that it was true that the Chinese premier would change, but Li did not have the stature of Chinese premiers like Zhu Rongji, who were involved in significant decision-making on economic matters.

„Xi Jinping’s justification remains limited, but the signal from Beijing is that he is keeping Biden at arm’s length — he has made no commitment to attend November’s APEC summit in San Francisco — in an effort to press Washington for concessions such as easing export restrictions on advanced semiconductors and equipment.” He said.

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„Ironically, the absence of Putin and Xi leaves the floor open for Biden to dominate the agenda and the airwaves. He will push for stronger measures against Russia, expect a clean energy transition and measures to deal with crippling debt. Among developing countries — China holds a large share,” Russell said. .

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