The technology from the three wise men is the most sought-after thing, but it's almost never seen in flea markets.

Leon, Zito. High-end cell phones, tablets, headphones, speakers, video game consoles Latest generation and smart watches, some electronic devices Much sought after by the 'helpers' of the sages.

On a tour of the market in the Lyon I neighborhood, some of the merchants noted Children crave one of these products instead of traditional toys.

Photo: Jorge Hernandez

One of the assistants Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar, He mentioned that he was looking for a tech, but his orders were not available.

„Flea markets have many offers and varieties, but if you're looking for cell phones or tech products, it's best to go directly to a department store for warranties and card promotions,” suggested one of them.

The truth is that many of the toys offered at flea markets cannot be found in supermarkets due to high demand, so you may find that gift at one of the many stalls.

„I looked for a tablet, but I couldn't find it. There were some retro video game consoles, speakers and headphones, but what they asked for wasn't there,” said an aide.

Other helpers adjust their budgets so that everyone in the house gets a gift at dawn.

Food stalls like cortidas de masa, trip tacos, fast food, etc. make traveling through Three Kings Day more enjoyable.

At the same time, the monitoring of the municipal authorities was observed, as well as commercial and distribution inspectors were present to check that everything was kept in order.

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