The Nampe Creative Festival reflects the spirit of the creative economy of Papuans

Jayapura (Antara) – The 2023 Nampe Creative Festival in Jayapura, Papua is a testament to the spirit and passion of the Papuan people to stimulate the province’s creative economy sector, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaka Salahuddin Uno has said.

„Therefore, we hope that this event will increase the potential and attractiveness of the creative economy sector as well as create employment opportunities in the sector,” he said in his opening remarks at the ceremony, which was delivered online on Saturday.

In his speech, Minister Uno expressed hope that the festival would help improve the quality of life of the people in Papua Province, especially in its capital city of Jayapura.

Meanwhile, the Director of Music, Film and Animation at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Muhammad Amin Abdullah, said young Papuan talents who are members of the Nampe Creative Forum have expressed their desire to progress and develop.

„This is a testament to the fact that Nambe Creative Festival has managed to break into the top 10 at the 2023 Charisma event Nusantara,” he added.

Abdullah said he believes this achievement is the result of sustained collaboration between creative young Papuans, local governments and local stakeholders.

„This event is a great example of how the younger generation can join hands with the government to hold a festival of creativity,” he added.

He further said that such coordination and collaboration is truly needed to improve the quality of Jayapura’s young talent, hoping to make the city’s creative sector globally competitive.

„This kind of event can become a great tool by showcasing the potential of a region like tourism, art and culture places, culinary and creative products. Such an event attracts visitors,” he elaborated.

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He said hosting an event should have positive economic, environmental and socio-cultural impacts.

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Translated by: Ardles L, Tegar Noorbitra
Editor: Aziz Kurmala
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