Minister urges youth cooperation to build $1tn economy

Youth Development Minister Jamila Ibrahim has called on the youth to work with the central government to achieve the country’s goal of a 1 tonne economy.

Speaking at the 25th Nigeria Democracy Day Youth Conference in Abuja, he urged the youth to collaborate with the ministry and government in shaping the country’s political, economic and socio-cultural sectors, the News Agency of Nigeria reported.

“I call on the youth to collaborate with the central government to grow the economy and create a better society for all. The youth should join hands with the ministry and government and be at the forefront of the country’s quest to become a 1 tn dollar economy.

Ibrahim added that the administration of President Bola Tinubu is committed to ensuring that youths are at the forefront of various sectors.

“As we celebrate Democracy Day, we are also celebrating the dawn of a new era for the youth of Nigeria. This day marks a significant milestone in our nation’s history, a testament to our enduring spirit and collective commitment to building a democratic society.

“With great pride and deep sense of responsibility, I stand before you as we embark on a transformative journey to empower our youth and redefine the future of our beloved nation. We not only create opportunities for every young Nigerian; We prepare, prepare, and empower you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Ibrahim said he was proud of the country’s democratic journey and reiterated the government’s resolve to empower the youth and redefine Nigeria’s future through job creation.

He announced the restructuring of the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund effective June 30, aimed at streamlining the process for young entrepreneurs to access funding for innovation and job creation.

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