The most in-demand careers in tech in 2024 will surprise you

The future of employment in the technology sector

The 2024 Employment Futures Report by the World Economic Forum predicts that 150 million new jobs will be created in the technology sector by 2026. This demonstrates the importance of training to prepare for and successfully occupy these new jobs.

On the other hand, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warns that in 2030, 70% of the workforce will need IT training, and in particular, in the case of Chile, it estimates that two-thirds of them will go to new jobs. Digital skills required.

Camila Bouchon, country manager of Le Wagon, assures that “roles related to technology and sustainability have the greatest opportunities to create jobs both globally and locally in the next five years”. „There is a need to develop more technical skills and speed up the training process to ease their transition to new jobs.”

Most in-demand digital profiles in 2024

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Specialists: The core activity is designing, developing and building data-driven learning models with the aim of solving problems and implementing tasks to improve problems.
  • Data Analyst: It is responsible for interpreting large volumes of data to identify trends and patterns, which must be converted into actionable information to help organizations develop strategies to address market challenges.
  • Full-tier developers: The main role of this specialist is to create websites that integrate the design of the customer experience (front-end), as well as the programming and maintenance of the internal structure of the website (back-end).
  • Cyber ​​Security Analysts: This role aims to develop various actions and strategies to guarantee the security of the digital environment. It seeks to prevent cyber attacks targeting computer networks, systems, databases and any type of sensitive information, implementing measures to strengthen security.
  • Business Intelligence Analysts: This professional is responsible for both the collection and analysis of information and data to facilitate making the most appropriate operational and strategic decisions. Its main objective is to guarantee the success of the design and delivery of the project or product in question.
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Learning new technological skills not only ensures economic competitiveness but also promotes sustainable development by aligning labor skills with evolving market demands.

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