The Ministry plans to offset the carbon emissions of the forest sector

JAKARTA (Antara) – The Ministry of Environment and Forestry plans to offset the carbon emissions produced by the energy sector, aiming to achieve a net reduction of 140 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2030.

The ministry’s director general of climate change control, Lakshmi Devanti, said emissions from the energy sector are expected to increase further to meet domestic energy demand.

„Indonesia, in terms of per capita energy consumption, is still far below average middle-income countries,” he noted in a statement on Tuesday.

„Once the demand for energy is met, it can be met through forestry,” he noted.

Indonesia’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have already followed the path outlined in climate change control, particularly in the forestry sector, Devanti noted.

The Ministry plans to implement the Forestry and Other Land Uses (FOLU) Net Sink 2030 policy.

The FOLU Net Sink is the rate at which the absorption of greenhouse gas emissions from forestry and other land-use sectors by 2030 will offset or exceed emissions produced.

The goal of policy implementation is to achieve a net reduction of 140 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions.

The policy to reduce carbon emissions through the FOLU Net Sink 2030 program uses four key strategies: avoiding deforestation, sustainable forest conservation and management, peatland protection and restoration, and carbon sequestration enhancement.

If the energy sector still contributes to emissions in the future, the forestry sector can already reduce emissions to achieve a balance between different sectors in Indonesia, Devanti noted.

“This is because we need to sustain growth and we expect growth to become sustainable growth,” he affirmed.

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Translated by: Sugiharto B, Fathli Ruhman
Author: Anton Santoso
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