The Minister calls on the community to contribute to inclusive development

Jakarta (Antara) – Minister of National Development Planning and Head of the National Development Planning Agency (Papenas) Suharzo Monorfa on Wednesday called on all levels of society to contribute to inclusive development to create social and economic equality.

While inaugurating the Art Festival for the Disabled here, he said, “I appeal to everyone to contribute to the success of inclusive development with the principle of cooperation, especially equality.

He emphasized that the government needs specific data related to persons with disabilities to realize development that directly supports the creation of independent human resources.

According to him, the cooperation of the government is needed to support people with disabilities and help them penetrate the informal sector.

Also, the government needs partners who can facilitate market access and training and financial support for people with disabilities and facilitate access.

Considering that the proportion of people with disabilities will reach 7.8 percent of the total Indonesian population in 2022, Ministerial Regulation No. 2021 regarding the programs for people with disabilities. He said that he had published 3.

The regulation mandates provincial governments and district/city governments to develop action plans for persons with disabilities.

The regulation also encourages other ministries/agencies to expedite regional development projects.

„Currently, 21 provinces have regulations to fulfill the rights of persons with disabilities, in collaboration with local organizations to involve them in development so that they are treated as subjects rather than as objects,” he explained.

On the same occasion, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaka Salahuddin Uno expressed his ministry’s support for the Disabled Arts Festival initiated by Papenas.

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Uno said inclusive development is needed to implement the vision of 2045 Golden Indonesia based on people’s energy and strength.

„I support activities aimed at creating superior human resources through equitable and inclusive education so that it can create welfare and provide change for the differently abled,” he added.

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Translated by: Chinta A, Kensu
Author: Sri Haryati
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