The 'Mi Casa’ project promotes technological solutions for social living to people in dire need of support

Inside your plan’My house:
A life in society
Organized a seminar on full content
How to talk about technology
Help people with disabilities
Intellectual, autism and cerebral palsy
And to be independent
And more should be included in society.

Project 'My House: A Life in Community’
Need to get a new model
Take care of people with disabilities
Who needs more support?
A model they can choose from
How and with whom to live
And there are opportunities to interact
with others in their towns and neighbourhoods.

SIVI cluster It is an association
Created to inspire
Innovative solutions
For a free life.
The SIVI cluster collaborates with full content
In application and monitoring
These technical tools
Within the project houses
’My House: A Life in Community’.
SIVI cluster has also collaborated
In celebration of this seminar.

A seminar was held this morning.
Director of Full Content, Enrique Galvan,
and Chairman of the SIVI Cluster, Pablo Gomez,
The importance has been highlighted
Technology for People’s Lives,
Also for people with disabilities.

Then, 3 full content associations
They have shared their experiences
with various technologies
It has been used in houses in the project
’My House: A Life in Community’:

  • People Kairos Cooperative,
    Full content Aragon,
    They talked about a Metaverse
    It helps organize people
    Their activities in the neighborhood.
    Beatrice Sanchez Use this tool
    He also said that it is a kind of 'game’.
    You have an avatar
    And you will reap the rewards
    When you complete the activities
    Planned into your life plan.
  • Professors of University of Extremadura
    and professionals Full content
    Villafranca de los Barros

    They talked about the 'digital twin’.
    A technology capable of
    To create a digital copy of the house
    To help people
    For example, with warnings or restrictions
    From noise or light
    By then.
  • A professional and participant
    of the project AbatesFull content Madrid,
    They have said what it contains
    Abadis App.
    This mobile tool manages
    Every person’s life plan
    With flaws, depending
    Among your options:
    – Manage your money.
    – Perform various activities.
    – Manage objectives and supports.
    – Keep everything in one place.
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Evaluation Report:

Laura Espejo He is attached to the entire Directorate of Admissions.
Montsey Fernandez You are running a SIVI cluster.
Both have provided first results
Evaluation of the use of technologies
Within the project 'My House: A Life in Community’.

Some conclusions were drawn:

  • More technology is used,
    There is a greater sense of control over it.
  • So people should be given time
    So they can use technologies.
  • There is more digital literacy
    Among people who need the least support.
  • Technologies are more impactful
    In the elderly.
  • Positive thinking has increased
    Regarding the assistance provided by technologies
    For people with disabilities.
  • In those homes where there are more utility technologies
    Learning was overwhelming.
  • Let’s use technology now
    More and more people have learned to use it.
  • Individual factors of people and professionals
    affect their experience as technology users.
  • There is a preference for environmental control tools
    and basic activities of daily living.
  • Experts warn that it’s too complicated
    During the first months of application in your work
  • But with the passage of time this feeling diminishes.
  • There are 68 types of technical solutions.
    Environmental control technologies like Alexa,
    Rated as easy to use.
  • Various opinions have arisen
    By experts
    and people with disabilities.

Future Challenges:

  • We must continue to go deeper
    In a very personal approach
    Implementation of these technologies.
  • We have to analyze the context
    and address cultural change
    of the organization it represents.
  • We have to keep testing
    New applications of technologies
    Remove them if they don’t support it
    Improves quality of life.
  • We must have shared spaces
    To combine these user experiences
    and discussion of them.
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Video of the session:

Here is the full video of the seminar:

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