Bali is growing in popularity among European tourists

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Recent travel data shows that Bali is growing in popularity among tourists from Europe.

The Island of the Gods has long been a favorite holiday destination for Australian tourists, and this year Bali seems to be at the top with tourists from Europe.

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With international flights to Bali more accessible than ever, it’s easy to see why Bali is becoming a must-see destination for European tourists.

For decades, Bali has been a favorite destination for European travelers, many of whom visit the island as part of backpacking adventures and honeymoons.

Now, Bali is becoming an annual summer vacation destination for European tourists.

Speaking to reporters, Kufron, trustee of the Bali Sales and Marketing Association (BASACOMM), explained that the number of tourists from all traveler demographics is increasing as Bali enters the peak season.

Gufran said Australian tourist numbers are expected to increase by 30% this year, with European travel trends trailing behind.

Gufron said, “Poly continues to move even into the Australian market. Apart from Australia, tourists from Europe are also likely to visit Bali. Like Germany, tourist arrivals from that country will increase by 14.23 percent in 2024.

Although there is a high number of flights available to Bali, Khufran noted that Bali needs more direct flights from major European cities if these travel trends are to be supported.

He shared, “Actually, the current challenge is aviation. Flight prices are very high, especially in Europe. Therefore, there should be a policy from the government,” he said.

A travel expert shares her recommendations for the industry to capitalize on the growing demand from European tourists to travel to Bali.

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He noted that there are plenty of direct flights from major cities across Australia, including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but most European tourists find it tricky to fly to Bali without catching a connecting flight.

Ghufran said, “BASACOMM recommends that additional direct flights are required. In fact, there are direct flights from Qatar, Turkey, Singapore and other countries, but they are still very few.


Most tourists flying to Bali from Western and Central Europe want to relax before heading back to the Island of the Gods once again.

The cheapest and most frequent transfer for European tourists is Dubai, with flights to Bali on a daily basis.

Others fly to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore and catch a short flight to Denpasar.

These transfers can add extra travel time and directly increase the cost of travel.

Walk through the Tourists-Ubud-MarketWalk through the Tourists-Ubud-Market

Tourists from most European countries can travel to Bali and Indonesia on a 30-day visa.

The visa costs IDR 500,000 and can be paid before arrival or arranged before arrival via the Indonesian e-Visa website.

Tourists from 97 countries are eligible for an e-Visa on arrival, and possession of this visa entitles tourists to use the newly installed autocads at Bali’s Gusti Nugura Rai Airport.

In this upcoming high season, the ability to use autocads is set to be a real-time saver for tourists as they can complete the immigration arrival process in seconds.


No wonder Bali is gaining popularity among European tourists. They are working on developing the island of Bali as a destination for tourists to stay longer.

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With the average tourist staying in Bali for 3-5 days and many tourists visiting during the long weekend, Bali is working to encourage tourists to stay longer and spend more.

It is very difficult for European tourists to visit for a day or two, and with so much to explore, a 10-14 day stay in Bali is the perfect time to relax, rejuvenate and explore the best of the island. is to provide.

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