The magazine names Bangkok as the best city in the Asia-Pacific region

The ranking was part of the third Travel + Leisure Luxury Awards Asia Pacific. This year, the magazine once again asked its readers to vote on the best cities and islands in Asia.

According to its report released this week, Asia’s best city is often equated with street food, friendly people, five-star service and non-stop 24/7 culture. Meanwhile, Asia’s Best Islands strikes a balance between readers’ accessibility and remoteness, locality and global sensibility.

This year, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, was voted first because of its gilded temples, modern architectural skylines and the sounds and smells of various street foods that make for fine dining.

Despite its reputation as a chaotic capital, Bangkok is consistently voted one of the best cities, and food is a highlight.

Apart from food, Travel + Leisure, Bangkok’s specialties include a vibrant nightlife, unrivaled selection and diverse shopping options. A softer, more spiritual side, defined by ornate temples and palaces, canals and artistic culture, serves as a counterbalance to the bolder aspects of the city.

Meanwhile, three of Thailand’s islands were voted the best in the Asia-Pacific region. All three are Koh Samui, Phuket and Koh Phi Phi.

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