'The last fight we ever had!'

By Alastair Talbot for dailymail.com

01:56 13 February 2024, Updated 01:59 13 February 2024

  • Jason won one Super Bowl with Philly and Travis won three with KC
  • It is not yet certain whether Jason will retire before the start of the new 2024 season
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Jason Kelce has revealed that he once punched his younger brother and Chiefs star Travis in the face after a heated game of one-on-one basketball in high school.

The 36-year-old Philadelphia Eagles center brought up a childhood memory while explaining to Shaquille O'Neal his relationship with Travis, who won his third Super Bowl with Kansas City on Sunday.

The Gells brothers grew up in Westlake, Ohio – a suburb of Cleveland.

Appearing on the four-time NBA champion's podcast on Monday, Jason began his story by clarifying that he's the older of two siblings, meaning he's 'always older'.

He said then, 'I won most of the matches. 'Also, I was a junior in high school and Trav' was a freshman. That's when he was tall. He was always more athletic, but I was ahead of him and he had just hit puberty.

Jason Kelce appeared on Shake's Podcast with TNT's Adam Lefkow the day after Super Bowl LVII.

Jason (L) and Travis (R) grew up in Westlake, Ohio — a suburb of Cleveland before turning professional.
As shown throughout the postseason, the two brothers are known for being close to each other

'So he feels himself?' asked Shak with a smile on his face.

After confirming that, Jason continued: 'I'm angry that he feels himself. We're in the backyard and he starts driving and has this stupid little hook shooting over his shoulder. It's not a hook shot, but a drive that you call, whatever it's called, he does it every time and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

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'So of course I resort to fouling him. It's the only way I know how to stop it. And he says, „That's bulls*** that's a fallacy.'' Now I'm like, „I don't see any references here. I don't see anyone calling.”

He picks up the ball and throws it at me, goes into the house … I'm like this mother *****, he throws the ball at me. So there I go. I grab him by the shoulder, punch him, listen, we always fight. It was only… twice, the second time I hit him.

'I don't know how it got so hot. I got punched in the face and every time it was in the face.'

'Wow. Damn,' said Shaq and the podcast's other co-host, Adam Lefko, who appeared on TNT's Tuesday NBA games throughout the regular season.

Describing his last fight with his younger brother, Jason said he always knew Travis was capable. Pictured: Travis plays basketball for Cleveland Heights
The Gells brothers share four Super Bowl rings between them — one won by Jason Eagles and three over the past five seasons with Travis Chiefs.

'Every time before that, he'd cry or whatever,' Jason responded of young Travis being hit. But this time it was not like that.

'[Travis] This punch took me off my feet and slammed me on the kitchen floor so the stove was knocked off the rack. Like it's sitting on the rails,' Jason said.

'I'm up. We're in for a full fist fight. Dad comes behind me and grabs me to break it up. Travis pushes me back on top of dad and my dad yells, ''Oh my ribs'' which stops the fight. So we thought we had hurt him, so we left it.

But that was the last time we fought. We participated in the last fight. We were competitive in everything. And [Travis] You always know at every level, he's another level of athlete. Do you know what I mean?'

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Praising the impact the fight had on both Gells brothers, Shaq said: 'You see those moments where he talks, it makes me who I am.'

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