Nooks announces the third edition of the Festival of Innovation and Technology in Experiences

Valencia (VP). With the participation of keynote speakers from renowned companies such as Putos Modernos, Brother Escuela de Creativos and Hyundai Motor España, NOOX promises to provide attendees with an enriching experience. The world of communication and technology.

NOOX is organized around four thematic modules: Customer Experience, Com&Pub Experience, Sustainable Experience and Future Experience. Each module will offer talks, conversations and workshops to immerse participants in various aspects of innovation and brand experience.

The first day on Wednesday 21st February will consist of two different parts:

Customer experience

A phase focused on customer experience will feature expert participation Daniel SoleraDirector of Customer Experience at Hyundai Motor, Pecona Machancos CEO of Hub Media (with a surprise guest) in his presentation “Adorable Monsters” and Gordy from Product Hackers. Talks and discussions will be held on topics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), gamification according to Corti, “Life is a game… and so is your business” or AI applied to product, brands and businesses; Rafael Armero will lead an innovation and creativity workshop in which he will share a specific creative tool.

Com&Pub experience

This module will feature presentations dedicated to communication, marketing and advertising Natalia Marty, an expert in POS Marketing, CX and B2B; And Carlos Plas from ÉXIT-UP and Rafael Gandia from Grefusa 2 interesting conversations between agencies and brands, among other topics, they will clarify that it is „Grefusito”.

Y Gerard HoonweerMenda Digital and Managing Director Augustus Matrine Connectif's CFO will lead us on what should be the next level of our digital marketing strategy.

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Mauro SuarezThe CEO of Brother Escuela de Creativos will conclude the day with a special keynote entitled „Show or Death: The Hyperpersonalization of the Message”.

During this module, parallel to the presentations, Andres Morial From Innoarea will present an exciting workshop on the benefits of using augmented reality in your marketing strategy in pure minority report style.

Thursday 22nd will open with responsibility block:

Constant experience

This section will primarily explore ethical issues and new technologies. With presentations of Maria Tabena Of women in AI, she will help us move „towards an inclusive AI”, Nuria Loret, professor of UPV, who will warn about AI hiding and Roberto Ballester, CEO of Felidarity, workshop on data and ethics and technology. , seeks to promote socially responsible reflection of AI in the service of positive impact.

Future experience

The last module will allow participants to immerse themselves in new technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence. With presentations from leading experts such as Fit Aidana, a model created by AI, with the help of The Clueless Agency, working on brands such as Nike or Longueres, Hector BassImaskono's CEO will talk to us about humanizing technology with his AI VEGA

Nacho BassettAquaservice's Innovation Director will give us some guidance on how to use AI in your communications, and on the star finish of the day, Joan Alvarez, Creative Director of PUTOS MODERNOS will give a presentation titled „Today's SPAM, Tomorrow's Hunger”.

The workshop associated with this module will be developed by Sambi, professor at Brother Escuela de Creativos, and will address creativity enhanced by artificial intelligence.

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Regional Experience

An instance does not decay during a break. The interactive and sensory part should be mandatory. This year's festival activates the Experience Zone, with demonstrations such as Pixeldome by Tomosapiens Ft. Photogif by Alicia Suay, QŪBICA, Poster Exhibition by Brother Valencia, “001 Live” DJ Drum&Cat with Alicia Suay, Deseret “Where Culture Meets Technology” and XAR/LAB by Parades Forum.

At the end of this second day, a party experience will take place in the Varadero room for all those attending presentations and workshops, which will have a variety of unique experiences over the two days.

NOOX 2024 promises to be a must-attend event for those looking to explore the latest trends in research, innovation and technology. The conference will be presented by Susana Luna, a leading strategic communications consultant and journalist.

QŪ event with the support of Las Naves, Caixa Popular, GFK and Heineken and with the participation of many companies such as Grefusa, Aquaservice or UPV.

For more information:

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