The new 'Grupo Cántico’ library in Córdoba will include the latest technology and more than 40,000 books on display.

Director Public Library The province of Córdoba, now on Amador de los Ríos street and soon to move to Jardins de los Pados, had to answer several times the question of when the new one would open.

They say this when you walk down the street and ask you to start preparing the place for their arrival. He only has a few weeks left as the transfer is set to begin, but it’s not going to be easy. Change For a very modern building.

Rather than moving headquarters to a better location or a new name, the public library is now facing a life change. Andalucía’s government-run cultural institution will begin the transition next week Money Until now the Amador de los Ríos Street has been available to their users so that they can occupy their new location. Canticle Group LibraryIt is built on the northern side of the agricultural estate.

He exchange It symbolically starts tomorrow, as explained by the director Francisco Javier del Río, due to the bibliographic funds of Pablo García Pena according to the name, but the work begins on the 25th. It lasts 65 business days, which is 13 more weeks if holidays are deducted. They will be moved „from shelf to shelf”.

This means they will be saved Boxes, they will be placed in transit and when they arrive at the Jardines de los Patos building they will be placed where they will be kept permanently. „Some will go DepositOthers are for the kids segment, others for the credit segment, but since it’s taken from here, the company has always had it, nail by nail. supervision of library staff,” he summarized.

'Chronicle of Spain’, 13th century manuscript

Valerio Merino

That’s where the change starts, because most of the funding will be freely accessible. Readers can see Shelves, take the books and borrow them if they want. Until now, due to lack of space, the public library rarely displayed funds Children And comics.

The rest were in stock and you had to search the catalog to order them. Now it is the same as the so-called Antonio Galla Library in Lepanto, because a good part of the collection, between 40,000 and 50,000 blocksThey are accessible.

Books are picked up and immediately placed in a workbook supervised by library staff.

Over the next few days, about 200,000 books, 15,000 DVD movies, and many music compact discs, more than 100,000, lined the route from Amador de los Ríos to Avenida de la America. Newspapers and Magazines.

There will also be changes internal structure And in labeling that requires more work for employees: if discs and films were organized by a continuous number, now they Gender, users can find them easily. The old collection, which includes works published up to 1958, contains more than 19,000 works, and the local collection, 22,400.

Antique Jewellery

Some of the bibliographic gems preserved by the cultural center would arrive there, and they came from segregated convents, as did much of the funds of the so-called provincial library in the mid-19th century. Francisco Javier del Rio shows „Chronicle of Spain”, a 13th-century manuscript of a Latin work by Archbishop Rodrigues Jimenez de Rada of Las Navas de Tolosa. It was a gift to a bishop of Córdoba and stands out for the beauty of the capitals and writing.

There is also one Incunabula, in 1486, a book produced in the early years of printing in Germany. It is the 'Cosmographia’ of the Egyptian astronomer Claudius Ptolemy, which brought together ancient knowledge in the second century. It comes from the Dominican Convent of San Pablo and stands out for its 27 beautiful color drawings.

The new Grupo Cántico was removed from the library’s fences

Valerio Merino

There are stones from ancient male monasteries with gospels in Arabic that Trinitarians used in their missions in Africa to preach in a strange land and to liberate captives.

The Grupo Cántico library will incorporate the latest technology in many aspects and especially in credit control. Books since 2005 A barcode Read by the scanner, and the anti-theft system, „or rather, anti-theft”, was electromagnetic.

New will use a system Ultra high frequency (UHF, its abbreviation in English), which rarely reached public libraries and guaranteed „recovery of lost books and numbers”.

It will also provide an opportunity for that Auto loan, and the user can put the book they want to pick up and their ID. There will be one Mailbox The cultural space is equipped with a system that returns books out when they are closed, and a system that considers a book returned. Officials are not required to do so later.

Francisco Javier del Río announced that the Grupo Cántico library will be the first in the state. Smart wardrobes return. “Upon arrival, the book is shelved, at which point the process is repeated Shock resistanceIt knows it’s no longer in debt,” he explained.

Illustrated map of Spain in Ptolemy’s 'Cosmographia’

Valerio Merino

After taking it to its place the staff will take care because “The Mechanization „That doesn’t mean there are ever fewer jobs.” Smart shelving has been designed in the lending department so that whoever consults a book can leave it there and count how many times it has been viewed. Consulted Inside, without the need to lend, is registered. Below that is a computer connected to the library management system with antennas that read the radio frequency tag.

With the opening of the new Grupo Cántico library, many usage possibilities will be realized and you will actually be able to see an exhibition. Pablo Garcia pen.

The expansion of the building will triple the space for presentations, a larger children’s space and study and reading spaces

And in the future, the headquarters on Amador de los Ríos street will have almost impossible book presentations and Andalusian Center of Letters events, as happens in all the capitals of Andalusia. intended location Newspaper Archive It will be more than 400 square meters.

The new building now has a 'bebeteca’ and an area for early readers and another for children. Four interior spaces have been prepared for storage, which for various reasons will be works not in the free access area, and which, as now, will be requested after consultation. Schedule All creations will appear in it.

This is not its main function, but it triples the intended locations Read and read, essential for many throughout the year. The transfer of the rear garden area to the city council has now been signed off.

The library’s director hopes that the work done in recent months will reduce the time to 65 business days. Three months, in which an exchange must be made, and sometimes users know that one is closed and the other is yet to be opened. It is inevitable and takes fifteen to thirty days: “Of course we must Public Apology For some readers who could not return the book on time because of that.

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