The government should appoint an agency to assess the size of the digital economy

New Delhi: The Government plans to hire a company to measure the actual size of Digital economy It is estimated to be USD 1 trillion by 2025, according to an official document.
The selected agency will be attached for a period of nine months Assignment.
The agency shall submit a draft report on the evaluation of the digital scale economy and projections from the current financial year to 2029-30 to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) within 32 weeks from the date of selection.
„The RFP aims to invite proposal in the field of assessment and measurement of India’s digital economy, including development of measurement framework, capture of data and identification of digital interventions,” the document said.
The report will include state rankings and their role in the digital economy, e-commerce and the impact of emerging technology on the economy.
„Joint action with a team India attitude is required, with collaboration between the government and private/social sectors,” the document says.
MeitY released a report titled 'India’s Trillion Dollar Digital Opportunity’, which identifies 30 digital themes ranging from IT infrastructure, software capabilities and healthcare education to next-generation financial services.
It estimates digital transformation will generate $1 trillion in economic value by 2025, resulting in 60 to 65 million jobs.
„Sectors such as agriculture, health and education will benefit from digitization worth $390-500 billion in economic value,” it added.
According to a joint statement GoogleAccording to Temasek and Bain & Company, India’s internet economy alone is expected to record six-fold growth and touch 1 trillion by 2030.
The report estimates India’s Internet economy at US$155-175 billion by 2022.
A report commissioned by the Broadband India Forum, released earlier this month, projected India’s utility economy to reach around US$792 billion by 2030, accounting for 12 percent of the country’s estimated GDP of US$6.59 trillion.

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