The CSIF Conference will guide the use of mobile phones and technologies by minors

With the title 'Minors attached'. Do we prohibit or educate?', CSIF Valladolid has organized an information day for the entire public on February 8, „To better understand the negative consequences of the use of mobile phones and technologies by young people and the way to solve this issue. „.

María José San Román, Provincial President of CSIF Valladolid, notes that society is aware of new technologies and the problem of minors. „However, there is a gap because there is no professional guidance to address these issues,” he says, ensuring that this informative activity will be of great help to fathers, mothers or professionals who have contact with minors. In this sense, teachers criticize the legal uncertainty they have when it comes to restricting students' use of mobile phones, and ask for a clear recognition of authority.

Experts note that misuse of digital technology affects physical, mental, sexual and social health. Neurodevelopment and learning in childhood and adolescence. CSIF confirms that in the long term, this negatively affects their future employment, and this has already been identified in several cases observed by the CSIF Ayuda service.

Recent studies on the use and effects of these technologies, such as UNICEF's 'Impact of Technology on Adolescence' involving more than 50,000 adolescents between the ages of 11 and 16, are alarming. age

31.5% use internet more than 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday. 6.7% use it for non-academic purposes during classes. Six out of 10 teenagers sleep with a cell phone in bed. 8% sent their own pictures or videos of sexual content. 3.6% have sometimes bet online; o 2 in 10 minors may be victims of cyberbullying.

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For psychologists David Cortejoso and Nomi Fernandez, the consequences of using mobile phones and technologies include poor academic performance, psychological, emotional or physical problems and difficulties in social behaviour. „Based on the requests of those who came to CSIF Ayuda seeking guidance on this issue, we will try to provide some response,” highlights Maria José San Román.

During the day, the definition of basic concepts, overexposure and its consequences, cyberbullying, grooming, sexism, abuse and addiction, problems in video games, vamping, risk communities, dangerous viral games and challenges will be discussed in detail. Likewise, nine basic guidelines will be proposed to properly carry out digital education of minors from families.

The event will take place on February 8 at 6:00 pm at the Canal de Castilla Civic Center in Valladolid. You can register by calling CSIF Valladolid at 983 379877 or online at

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