Technology combined with competitiveness is the protagonist of the meeting of SMEs and self-employed people from Rivas

A moment from the day’s presentation with Manuela Refolio and David Paris (Photo by ASEARCO)

During the information day, participants had the opportunity to Know the strategic benefits that digitization offers and its advancements They offer existing technology solutions to help companies.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the conference „Digital tools to capture new opportunities in B2B and industrial contexts” was held, an information session designed within the Rivas Vasia Madrid business meetings.

The day included welcome remarks and a presentation of the event
Representatives of organizing bodies viz Manuela RefolioRivas Vacia Madrid’s Councilor for Economic Development and Employment; David Paris, President of ASEARCO; And Paulino Banyagua, Technical Specialist in the Madrid Chamber’s Acelera PIM Office. The measure is included in the Local Agreement for Economic Development and Employment of Rivas Vasiamadrid.

Information session provided JUAN PEDRO MARRIROS-NETTOCSO, Y Alberto
PetrozaCEO at CloudIT ConsultingA technical consultant who collaborates with the office
Madrid Chamber accelerates SME.

Pedrosa began his speech by giving an overview of the strategic benefits that digitization offers in improving business processes from all fronts of its day-to-day operations.

Objective: Centralize and consolidate data to save costs and time

It provided a comprehensive overview of existing key solutions and services
Assist companies in their digital evolution with information management tools
Projects and Documents, Customer Relationships (CRM),
Cloud storage, Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) or
Analyzes data among others.

In a special way, the speakers focused on the most significant developments
Present different types of ERP (taking into account its design, status etc.)
customization, installation location, and access level to your code). Main objective
Any effective ERP system, in any case, is about „centralizing and consolidating data”.
That means it helps you save time, save costs and make better decisions.
Anticipate customer needs.

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With Marreros-Neto’s help, attendees were able to find out,
All the beneficial features that come with the use of the company
CRM software and it goes beyond the management of client portfolio.
For example, they help improve profitability, forecasting and forecasting
Consumer needs and wants. They also help
Create customized campaigns to attract new leads.

Pedrosa also pointed out that artificial intelligence is in the works
Dive into digital business management tools and solutions. About
Everything, in the field of business sales and financial projections.

With the help of the speakers, the attendees also got a chance
To know that there are tools available to help digitize company invoices
Applications that help companies control costs (OCR) and others.
How to connect the digital world and traditional sales processes.

During the day, the benefits offered by business solutions were explored
’All in one’. They are universal tools that cater to the growth needs of SMEs. Due to its high scalability and adaptability, among other reasons. From sales management to human resources, distribution, logistics, financial and project management, procurement, reporting and analytics, they have the 'digital gift’ to improve company performance.

’Storytelling’: Success stories illustrating the 'digital evolutionary leap’

The last thematic block of the day explored the 'evolutionary leap’ these provide
Digital resources based on real events and covering some needs
Businesses covered by them. For example, in the field
The organization of tasks that a purchasing manager should plan or when
Avoid the cost of optimizing a warehouse’s operations, inventory and space.
And planning can be done on time knowing the actual position of the treasury
Futures include buy and sell forecasts and payment dates.

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At the end of the event, representatives of SME and self-employed people attended
Opportunity to expand your network of contacts. They are one of them
Informal atmosphere and share a coffee.

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