The Asia Pacific Society and Media Research Group goes online

Asia Pacific Report

A community-based Asia-Pacific network of academics, journalists and activists now exists Went online with the umbrella website For its publications, current affairs and research.

Non-Profit Asia Pacific Media Network, Publishers Pacific Journalism Review The research journal, until now, relied on it Facebook page.

„APMN addresses the gap in the region for independent media commentary and provides a network for journalists and academics,” said Director Dr Heather Devereux.

„Our network aims to protect the free dissemination of information that challenges political elites, exposes discrimination and corruption, and analyzes traditional media.”

Pacific Journalism Review Author Dr Philip Goss said: „For 30 years, BJR The only magazine in the Pacific region that focuses exclusively on media and journalism.

APMN has members in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Philippines and has links with Manila-based AMIC, Asia-Pacific's largest communications research centre.

Deputy Director and Founding Editor BJRDr. David Roby, was Awarded AMIC Asia Communication Award 2015 For his services to education, research, institution building and journalism.

Conference partner
The new website publishes news, newsletters, submissions and research, and the network is an upcoming partner. International Pacific Media Conference Hosted by the University of the South Pacific on July 4-6.

APMN is also a shareholder of Auckland Mount Roskill-based Whānau Community Center and Centre.

Many of the group involved were core members of AUT Pacific Media Center Closed at the end of 2020.

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