’The Acolyte’ writer hits back at 'anti-enlightenment’ criticism in pronoun scene

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Anti-„Wake Up” critics slammed a scene in the new episode of the „Star Wars” TV series „The Acolyte” in which one character appears to ask another about pronouns, prompting the writer to clarify the joke on social media as controversial. Confronts the serial review-bombing campaign.

Key facts

Episode 4 of „The Acolyte” was praised by critics but controversial among some „Star Wars” fans and conservative critics who felt the show was too „woke.”

Anti-„Woke” critics panned a scene from the episode in which actress Amandla Stenberg’s character asks another: „Is he, or are they with us?” refers to BasilA small rodent-like animal creature.

The The Daily WireA conservative media and right-wing X account The Final AwakeningFrequent critics of „The Acolyte” posted the scene on X.

Claire „CK” Keuchel, co-writer of the episode, clarified in a X post The line was „obviously a joke about pronouns, because she’s referring to a strange lil animal creature.”

The viral clips posted by conservative critics on social media were shorter and did not include a shot of Basil — misleading the clip’s viewers into thinking Stenberg was asking about the pronouns of a person rather than an animal creature.

Main background

„The Acolyte” attracted controversy throughout its run and sparked criticism from „woke” anti-critics who began a rerun-bombing campaign of the series. Despite having 83% marks in the series Rotten tomatoes From TV critics, the audience score was a dismal 14%. Amidst the release of the series earlier this month, a Interview It went viral after an interviewer joked that Stenberg and series creator Leslie Hedland had made a „gay” entry in the „Star Wars” franchise, prompting Stenberg and Hedland to laugh. Stenberg said, „Star Wars is already gay — I mean, have you seen 'Pits’?” Headland joked that R2-D2 might be a lesbian. The third episode, which premiered on June 11, dismayed fans who felt the episode clashed with the „Star Wars” story. In the episode, Stenberg’s twin characters, May and Osha Aniseya, are referred to as having been born using the Force by their mother – causing some fans to lament that it may conflict with the accepted canon of the „Star Wars” character Anakin Skywalker. Chosen because he too was born of force. Other fans supported the episode Screen rand „Star Wars” author Thomas Bacon, who wrote Skywalker, was born through the will of the Force, while May and Osha’s mother used the Force to create the Force.


The fourth chapter prompted another Fan debate About whether or not „The Acolyte” broke with accepted „Star Wars” canon due to a cameo appearance by Ki-Adi-Mundi, a Jedi character from the „Star Wars” prequel films. Some fans will be said Since the events of „The Acolyte” take place a century before the prequel films, it doesn’t make sense to include the character. Others felt it His actual age is not really known. Keechel addressed the critics On the character’s cameo in X, he said, „We offered the part to Yoda, but he wasn’t technically up to it, so a young Ki Adi Mundi landed the part.”

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