Technology use by older adults in Costa Rica is increasing

And more and more older people are using technology to perform a variety of services, which has increased as a result of the pandemic and contradicts some of the myths that still exist around the subject.

This has been confirmed by the Life Insurance Society, which ensures that from 2020, there will be a 20% increase in interactions with this demographic across the different digital practices available to the company.

This is in line with what the Costa Rican Gerontological Association (Ageco) said, which in its first national study on the use, access and motivation of the elderly through information and communication technologies, indicated that 86% of people over 60 use the Internet. and electronic devices.

According to the analysis, it was possible to identify that four out of every 10 people who use ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) are from San Jose, while those who do not have access to these tools are significantly higher among Guanacaste residents. and Pedro.

Dennis Cordoba, The IT director of the National Teachers' Life Insurance Society said, „Thanks to various user experience studies to improve our services, we were able to verify that the use of technology among adults has grown and is one of the improvers. The epidemic is clear, which forced us to use these tools, first to communicate but also to solve procedures or practices with companies. .

Among this population the use of communication tools has grown the most

The expert says that the use of communication tools such as groups or Zoom is, in principle, the most developed among this group of people, for example, opening up the possibility for them to receive virtual training.

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The life insurance society allows them to use the service platform through a virtual branch where an officer can assist them through Zoom.

40% of the company's public transactions are carried out by senior citizens, highlighting remote appointments, virtual branch visits, requests for security pins and loan pre-applications.

Additionally, about 15 thousand monthly account statements are generated through digital channels, a good percentage of which corresponds to partners over 60 years of age.

Considering that, Cordoba Provides the following recommendations regarding safety to be sought in various activities undertaken by older adults:

  • Be sure to use official sites so you are clear about which sites you want to access or use.
  • Do not open attachments sent to you via email or text message.
  • Take advantage of different trainings to keep yourself up-to-date, not only to learn about new tools or functions, but also to learn about the types of risks and scams that arise from time to time.
  • Implement the app's security settings and use passwords appropriately to avoid revealing privacy.
  • Take care of excess to prevent technology from limiting the development of other aspects of life, balancing time for entertainment, information and communication.

As part of the findings of the Ageco study, „Access to ICTs not only facilitates the experience of active aging by allowing the realization of rights such as participation, information, autonomy and education; but it also transforms social relations between peers and generations and supports the development of people according to their needs and preferences. „