Keynote speaker at UPS, Google Cloud Next ’24 and RFID Journal conferences

By John Gurney Bell, Head of Strategic Innovation | UPS Advanced Technology Group. Joan has over 35 years of research and development experience at UPS. Responsible for deploying and scaling cutting edge technologies to meet current and future customer needs. John delivered the keynote address at the 2024 RFID Journal Live event.

We are very pleased to announce the successful participation of UPS this week Two major discovery events were held in Las Vegas: Google Cloud Next ’24 Y RFID Journal Live. These events are known for bringing together small and large companies to showcase cutting-edge technology. I like to think of them as meetings where software or hardware developers and people who care about improving the web come together to share problems and solutions. The result? New technology proposals!

As for interesting new technologies, these events gave us the opportunity to present our advanced ones RFID technologies Y Digital twin. Use tomorrow’s technology today, both play a vital role in the operation of our Smart Package Smart Facilities (SPSF). The following two videos provide a great, simple, less than 90 second overview of how these two complex technologies work.

SPSF and RFID technologies Digital twin

Innovation has been a cornerstone of UPS’s business strategy since 1907. So I’m not surprised that we were chosen to showcase our forward-thinking technology at the Google Cloud Next ’24 conference. We work closely with Google to deliver an engaging experience for attendees UPS shows how a package moves carefully and efficiently through a building with SPSF technology. As you can see, I am passionate about the topic and I love it Explain how our innovations positively impact our customers every day. We had a visit from Google Cloud CEO Thomas Gurion who talked to us about artificial intelligence and our own digital twin technology. See for yourself what happens when the folks at Google join the folks at UPS:

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