Technology that will make our lives easier in 2024

Technology has joined us, making our lives easier and opening the door to options we could only dream of a few years ago. We look with admiration and curiosity to the not-too-distant future Almost science fiction devices, however, are becoming more and more real And they reach our homes in less time.

Constant technological evolution is a trend that defines us as humans, but in recent decades, it has intensified exponentially on almost all fronts, simplifying our routines and taking entertainment to another level. For example, It has certainly changed the way we interact and consume culture; And, of course, these developments have a clear impact on our lifestyles as well Details that were unimaginable years ago.

EThis inspiration of innovation creates It is complicated to stay fully up to date with all the news and products coming into the market. to the user. So, at this point, it's time The share of companies like Fnac. The company has been delivering the latest innovations in its portfolio for over three decades, but, just as important or more than its catalog, What has driven change throughout this period is the emphasis on providing the highest quality personalized attention: Fnac accompanies its customers, advises them and puts all the relevant information in their hands so that they can identify which product best suits their needs.

Telephone, of course, is the most visible sector of this whole new paradigm. Every year, countless new models are introduced, in many cases new specifications with unprecedented features that represent an improvement in concept, design and functionality that have almost forgotten the experience of the past. Milestones such as the introduction of the first folding mobile phone in 1996; Bluetooth Technology (1999); Revolutionary arrival of the first iPhone (2007); or the first foldable smartphones (2018) are some of the most relevant episodes of this historic race towards the future. Fnac Consulting makes this transformation for the home more accessible than ever.

Parallel to this evolution, in the last decades We have also witnessed the birth and advancement of many commonly used technologies, like Wi-Fi. In 1999, when it started reaching our homes, it projected great potential, but as it stands now, it may not be considered something essential. In the same way, we can talk about artificial intelligence, which is in practice today, but already in 1997 it helped to make itself known on a large scale by defeating its first victories – in a literal sense. The then world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a legendary series of games.

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Technologies that are changing our lives (for the better)

But we don't need to look to these great technologies to reflect how our lives and practices have changed. at home, We can benefit from personal assistants that respond to our voice commands, for example; wave Introduction to robotics as a device This Someone who cleans the floor for us. With the introduction of the Roomba in 2002, the iRobot proposition took its first step into a field that was unprecedented at the time, but is now fully integrated into homes like this one. A leader in home automationA new branch focuses on intelligent and autonomous control – in part – of the most relevant parameters and tasks of our home.

We serve in the same way How urban mobility has changed based on the electrification of modern bicycles or scootersCompanies like Razer have been able to reinvent it to suit current applications.

The way of consumption culture has also evolved a lot compared to the past. Although the paper book is in good health, The advent of electronic ink readers has expanded the possibilities of readers. Thanks to this Sony invention, since 2004 anyone can carry a library in their pocket.

The same thing happened in music.: Digital discos have allowed us to enjoy our music with us every minute, wherever, however and whenever we want. Few devices are as iconic in the tech world as Apple's iPod.It pioneered making this utopia a reality, and with a unique design that transcended its own utility. They are some of the most iconic devices, but not the only ones, that have changed our lives: 3D printers (2009), pen drives as replacements for floppy disks (2000), and advances unimaginable today.

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The future is coming this year

Therefore, the future is written – and lived – based on Disruptive ideas slowly seep into society and change it, somehow. That's why it's so relevant to pay attention to the trends that major tech companies point to as protagonists in the coming months.

Another aspect that Fnac can contribute is the power provided by these three decades of experience in bringing the cultural and technological market closer to its customers. The company is present in most of the publications, so there is changed Further A tip when spotting trends that indicate technology In future.

A An important contribution to understanding the dynamics of large technology companies, its competition is the accelerator of these changes, which translates into all kinds of devices with increasingly advanced features. Broadly speaking, there seems to be a lot of innovation in these They base their competence on three main areas. Augmented reality is one of these trends. For example, Apple is betting on this with a lot of importance, which is why it has created so many expectations Your Vision Pro It is, according to rumours, about to hit the market. This is another product that is considered an icon for its amazing proposition: the possibility of interacting with our environment in real time.

It is a step beyond proposing virtual reality, although this environment will be the protagonist this year with the Meta proposal, for example, which has improved the characteristics of previous models. In New Meta Quest 3. In this case, the user is urged to integrate into a virtual world with infinite possibilities in all areas. They are different propositions, both extraordinarily powerful, giving us moving spaces of possibility that we can usually multiply.

The era of artificial intelligence

Gemini is Google's artificial intelligence ecosystem.

Closely related to the above is artificial intelligence. Since its origin, we have already seen how it evolved to sustain itself One of the most versatile technologies today. Its presence and applications, increasingly spectacular, cause surprise and debate in many forums, but the truth is that in our immediate environment, it is a tool that is very useful to us on a daily basis. : Search and provide information, solve all kinds of doubts, analyze data, identify patterns, improve photo editing… A one-of-a-kind Swiss Army Knife of unlimited potential is here to stay.

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And in the immediate future, Its presence is constant in many of the technical products we deal with.. Throughout 2024, its leading role in many products put on the market by large technology companies will remain constant, as we have already seen in the first weeks of this year.

This is the case, for example, in SamsungIt has launched a line of smartphones based on or friendly to it Polly, a small personal robot. Sticking to this paradigm, Google is also influencing this feature For the footage And with the launch of Gemini, it will be in common use This same year. In this order the Rabbit R1, A device that faces the smartphone ecosystem based on artificial intelligence and its own operating system.

These features benefit from steady improvements in processing speed and increasingly faster networks Internet of Things is another pillar of what is coming soon and its utility will allow advancement in the field of home automation.. Homepod, Apple's new smart speaker Planned in this same year, called its best representative Google Y Sonos Missiles are also being prepared in this line.

In addition to these key trends, The brands also have different product launches for the home on the horizon. Found on Fnac and it gives everyday gadgets a twist. This is the case with the LG OLED T TV, which is slated for the second half of this year Has a transparent panel As a key feature.

In the field of computing, Asus introduces its Zenscreen FoldThe first foldable laptop monitor. Lenovo Sign up for this news carousel by doing so Thinkbook 13x Gen 4, a laptop with e-ink lid. Also, movement becomes increasingly important, Amazfit He went one step further and loved his initiation Helio Smart Ring, a smart ring that takes wearables to another level, putting smartwatch-like functionality at our fingertips. Science fiction? No, the future is already here.

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