Whose unity is through science and technology

The Ministry of Production, through the Mendoza Agency for Innovation, Science and Technology, is strengthening ties with its counterparts in San Juan to promote joint activities aimed at the growth and development of the sector in the region.

In a meeting held in Mendoza, officials from the Science, Technology and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Production, Labor and Innovation met with their counterparts from the province and outlined a joint agenda aimed at their growth and development. areas.

During the program, they visited the facilities there Mendoza ICT Technology Park They also met Federico Morabito, head of the Mendoza Agency for Innovation, Science and Technology. From San Juan, the Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Production, Labor and Innovation of San Juan, German Van Uyw, Director of Knowledge Economy Andres Menegaso and Director of Innovation and Exchange Carlos Gallardo participated. .

In this way, the two provinces seek to develop the sector in the region by working together on issues related to science, technology and innovation.

Later, the San Juan authorities moved in They enjoy They were received by Fernando Lezcano Regional Site Manager and the conversation started at the Tendencias Tech event organized by CASETIC a few weeks ago in our province.

The conversation focused on the importance of building talent in the region in general and San Juan in particular. Likewise, the main aspects of the competitiveness of the knowledge economy sector and its challenges related to the internationalization of the companies that comprise it are examined.

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