Technology is driving innovation in biochemistry and opening up new job opportunities

It is no news that science and technology are making great strides. As a result, innovation has an impact on industries, trades and university courses. This is the case of biochemistry and pharmacology, which have recorded important milestones in the last decade.

Immersed in the global innovation landscape, Bolivia has also experienced significant developments in this sector. The technological revolution has changed the research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Access to sophisticated technologies, added to the devastating experience of the coronavirus pandemic, has led healthcare professionals. Conduct more accurate research and develop more effective treatments.

Daniel Pinto, director of the Biochemistry and Pharmacology degree at Unifrance, France Tamayo University, promises biochemistry. It is not just for laboratory research, But artificial intelligence includes health sciences, for example, in relation to automated systems working in the laboratory.

„We are one step away from AI taking care of the patient in the lab, following analysis scenarios or doing more work in the lab,” says the academic.

Implementation of information systems and communication of laboratories have improved the speed and quality of diagnosis. Now, fast and personalized medical service is achieved.

Training of highly trained professionals and collaboration between scientific and pharmaceutical institutions have contributed to the steady progress of biochemistry and pharmacy in the country.

Likewise, the Joint ventures between public and private sectors They have strengthened research and development infrastructure. In this way, an environment conducive to innovation is achieved, maintaining professionalism.

Trends 2024

Globally, biochemistry and pharmacology are at an exciting stage, driven by technological advances that are radically changing the way clinical challenges are addressed.

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Among the trends that will mark this 2024, the following stand out:

Gene and cell therapies: The development of therapies based on genetic and cellular modification promises to revolutionize the treatment of diseases, providing more specific and less invasive options.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Drug Research.: AI is used to analyze large data sets, identify potential drug combinations, and improve efficiency in new drug discovery.

Precision medicine: Personalization of treatment according to patients' genetics and individual characteristics is becoming a common practice, allowing for more effective treatment with fewer side effects.

Development of improved vaccines: Rapid response to epidemics drives research and development of more advanced and effective vaccines using innovative technologies.

Technology supports research

According to Pinto, the use of technology, automation and robotization in this area is inevitable. Technological disruption leads to a Permanent evolution About management Pharmaceuticals, industrial cosmetics and food manufacturing.

„Research is definitely the answer that people need. There are emerging processes, the results of which will only be seen starting this year, for example, in cancer treatments,” the academic notes.

Bolivia, according to Pinto, is in a strategic position Take advantage of the global trend In this field, strengthening its scientific capabilities and promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors.

„Promoting research and adopting emerging technologies will be key to ensuring a promising future for the biochemistry and pharmaceutical industry in the country,” he pointed out.

2024 looks very promising for this discipline, marked by trends that are changing the way people approach health and well-being worldwide.

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