Why is there no technology at the goal line? It is expensive…”

EL France v Greece match It ended in controversy. In the final play of the game, A shot by Koeman hit both posts And the goal jumped over the goal line, but the referee did not award the goal. Judges that the ball did not fully enter the target. An act that greatly angered the French.

After the match, Antoine Griezmann He showed his displeasure The goal line is technology-free. The Frenchman has not bitten his tongue and criticized European football’s highest order for not implementing these developments.

We know he has a lot of money, target or not, can’t we make it better?


“Goal Line Technology Failed! UEFA has a lot of money, can’t they do better goal or not? UEFA needs to ask a little more. „If they want us to play a lot of games, we have to ask them for more technology,” the Frenchman announced into the TF1 microphones.

If they want us to play a lot of games, ask them for more technology


1% percent

Like Antoine, coach Didier Deschamps He expressed himself in the same critical terms with UEFA. „What I regret already is that we are at the international level. It could have been the same game, if we risked qualification and had a field with no technology on the goal line, it was a bit… Why is there no technology at the goal line? Since you don’t have one, you have it, and it’s expensive… This is obviously contrary to the requirements of top level football. I myself was put in the place of referees. The VAR guy is 99% sure, but 1% is left because with the picture…”said the coach.

It could have been the same game at the risk of eligibility, and having a field without goal-line technology is a little…


“Well. It was of no consequence, except that it won one more game And what it does: We will have ensured that we are at the top of the FIFA rankings at the end of the year. „It was an incident that, considering what was at stake, was surprising to say the least.”Deschamps continued.

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with tie, Greece prevented France from reaching their full potential in the qualifiersOnly Portugal won it all.

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