Technology is being used in the real estate industry

Using sites to find houses is the order of the day. Currently, Three quarters of Spaniards (74.6%) use this method as their first option for finding an apartment., according to data from the Idealista website. Not easy in general, especially in big Spanish capitals like Madrid or Barcelona.

However, the Companies proptech They appear to the rescue to help in this difficult task. And help owners sell their homes. These are just a few of the ways technology can help when selling a home.

He The Spanish real estate market is one of the strongest in Europe It is currently undergoing a unique revolution due to digitization. Of course, later than other fields.

truly, More than 800 million eurosThe world’s second largest annual investment in technology companies in the real estate sector (also known as proptech), according to data from a report provided by the Association of Real Estate Agents (API) in Catalonia and Deloitte Spain.

This is allowed Technology can help cut the time it takes to sell a property in halfReducing asset value loss risk and improving customer experience.

The most important part of the process, right? Sell ​​or rent, both buyer and user can access the widest possible database. To do this, there are companies like Evernest that allow sellers to quickly connect with the most suitable buyers in an automated way.

Thus, The home buying process is very fast.. In fact, in Germany, in addition to Spain, one of the countries where the company operates, this tool has allowed the time it takes to sell a house to be reduced from 6 months to 90 days.

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He Precious is one The biggest concerns of Spaniards faced with the task of finding housing. In fact, this is the number one difficulty in finding an apartment for 74.5% of respondents in a survey conducted by the Photocasa portal.

That is why, Analysis is important to know what is happening in the real estate market at all times. And, in this way, adapt the assessment of properties with the most up-to-date data available.

The Automatic Doing some homework is one of the most interesting ways to streamline the home buying and selling process. Virtual visits are included, enabled thanks to virtual reality.

This way, agents can offer this service to visit the home in 3D without having to travel in person, making this decision easier for the potential buyer.

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