Technology, innovation and industry come together to retain top talent under the Expo Leoni4 Digital & Tech Forum.

Expo Leóni4 Digital & Tech Forum returns for the third consecutive year to the School of Industrial, Computer and Aerospace Engineering of the University of León to confirm the potential of the industry, showcase the latest technological developments of Leon companies and attract the best trained. Talent at the University of Lyon.

In this context, more than 40 companies from Industry 4.0 were shown to the 200 students who graduated from this engineering school, so that they could learn about the activities of these companies and the job opportunities available. The Federation of Leónis Entrepreneurs (FELE) has organized this Expo Leóni4 Digital & Technology Forum in collaboration with the School of Industrial, Computer and Aerospace Engineering of the University of León and the Acelera Pyme FELE office, which is in this edition. It has taken an important step towards innovation and digitization.

Juan Mª Vallejo, President of FELE, assured that this evolution of Expo Leóni4 „is a faithful reflection of the steps FELE is taking towards digitalization and business innovation” and highlights the potential of the Leonese industry as demonstrated in the forums. like this. „We can say without a doubt that Lyon today is the center of innovation and the future. All this with people, with projects, with companies that come from here, from Lyon. Because we don't need to go out looking for what we have here and what we should be proud of.

He also emphasized the need for companies to adopt new digital tools in their processes with the aim of being competitive. „Technology will become one of the main pillars to determine which territories will maintain their dynamism and relevance in the future. Lyon, a land facing important demographic challenges, has enormous opportunities in this technology,” supported Vallejo at the company event attended by Juan Francisco García Marin, Rector of the University of Lyon; Industrial, Computer and Mr. Joaquin Barreiro, Director of the School of Aerospace Engineering; Luis Javier Cepetano, President of the University of Leon, and Oscar Rodriguez Ortaz, President of Leon4.

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As in the previous editions, the students of the School of Engineering were able to learn in depth about the companies participating in this expo, they participated in teams in the Talent 4.0 competition about the companies and their projects. The prize in the competition, presented by the Community Council of the University of Lyon, went to the team formed by Alba Pinter and Maria Rodríguez, who will be attending the 'Warsaw Industrie Automatica 2024' exhibition in Warsaw, Poland.

Likewise, students and visitors were able to participate in the latest technological developments of Lyon companies displayed in the 'Demos Zone', a place that clearly shows how innovation is changing the industry in Lyon and offering new growth opportunities.

Vexiza, Innovative SME Start Up Award

The day concluded with four round tables in which university and industry experts explored key issues for competitiveness and innovation in the industry. The importance of using advanced technologies in the field of biotechnology or the role of technologies in improving competitiveness and food security are various topics covered in this discussion table. Likewise, the Expo Leoni4 Digital & Tech Forum will use MEP Ibán García del Blanco to discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing many economic sectors and how the new European Artificial Intelligence Act is shaping the regulatory landscape in this area.

Finally, and with the aim of recognizing entrepreneurial initiatives and impact business paths in the province, the organization of the event presented the Start-up SME Innovative Award to Vexiza, a company specialized in GIS, Cloud, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology that offers technical solutions for geographic information.

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