„Technology applied to healthcare significantly increases patients’ quality of life”| Daily list

The use of technological tools, especially artificial intelligence, manages to increase the quality of medical interventions, make processes more efficient and improve the quality of life of patients.

During the Journal Club organized by the Two Oceans Foundation, Dr. Victor Capellan reported this.

Through this activity, the Institute seeks to promote initiatives that strengthen clinical research and the use of new technologies in practices that improve the experience of users of the Dominican health system.

Capellen highlighted that digitalization of medical records is leading the way in the use of technology in health.

He highlights that the first models are computerized medical histories.

This situation has strengthened over time, and today large amounts of data can be managed and scientific research can be carried out through data mining.

He pointed out that one of the challenges of reaching the third phase of medical records, which involves using data to make decisions that improve the quality of life of patients and communities connected to the health center, is that there are actors who have not yet done so. Recognize this model, slow progress as it is a process that requires the approval of all involved.

Regarding medical diagnosis, Dr. Capellan, a graduate of the first cohort of the Principles and Practice of Medical Research Program at the Two Oceans Base, highlighted the value of technology in dealing with emergencies. Assessments with real-time results in ambulances can immediately send patients to a health center specializing in their emergency care and save time in the triage process.

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Regarding the use of artificial intelligence and the relationship with patients, he pointed out that this is an issue that raises debate, especially in cases where the diagnosis is not accurate, for example, there is a conflict about who should be responsible for the patient. Behind these tools is a doctor who verifies the diagnoses provided by artificial intelligence.

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